Thursday, September 3, 2009

Road Trip

It is crazy to get ready to be out of town for 1 week with 5 people. How is it one 45 lb. child makes a difference I don't know! Just more!!

It is INSANE to take 3 children on a 10 hour car ride. One with minimum understanding of "10 hours".

We left the house, with everything but the kitchen sink, and made 2 quick drive thru stops. Upon stopping to grab pizza for lunch in the car, Jet said "Illinois?". (Our destination)

Our concenus was Miss Oh did a GREAT job translating to Jet how long our flights home were going to be home from Thailand. Us, not so much, in preparing for this trip!!

Peanut and Bug forgot since last year how to travel! I have made this trip at least once every year with them as we have family and friends here. Last year was great. This year Peanut basically asked every hour what time it was, as she knew what time we estimated to arrive. Bug talked about being restless and are we there yet constantly.

Can you even imagine if we had taken them to Thailand!?!! I assumed they would be great travelers as they have been in the past. It would have been one long flight!!

We are here for Papa's grandma. She turns 90 today! Big celebration happening on Saturday. Papa hasn't seen his family in 3 years.

Off to celebrate!!


Kam said...

Oh, I hope you all made it in one piece! How fun and what a wonderful thing to celebrate! Have a great time and tell us all about it when you get home!
Love ya~

Kelly said...

Not crazy.... at least I don't think so.... we took all 4 girls on a trip to TX to visit family - a TWO DAY (like 12 hours a day) drive. Thank goodnes for DVD players and iPods.

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness! Travel for such a long period of time with so many people crammed into one vehicle can feel nuts!!! Have a duper fun trip!!