Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Singing time

It is so fun to listen to Jet sing! It is like listening to a toddler/young child singing what they think are the words.

My favorite to hear, and his so we hear it alot!, is Jingle Bells. (He likes to sing all the time and I have just been realizing we need to do the typical young child songs for him to learn and expand his repertoire!)

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way,
Oh my God
, it is.....(mumble mumble)

And the best part is Oh my God is said very reverently as we do not use that phrase in our home and when we say my God it is done as we talk about our God.

I like to hear it so much I have not yet been able to correct him. Neither has Peanut, she thinks it is sweet too.

We do singing time with the day care infants everyday and it so cute to watch my kiddos with them. I love watching Jet sing to them and try to follow along as he is learning. Yesterday he was trying to keep one baby happy while I fed another so he tried to start the songs on his own.
I really had a blast listening to him sing to her, his versions, with the Thai accent.

I wonder if their parents will notice when their kiddos start singing songs? Ya know, the Thai accented wrong words to the traditional nursery and Christmas songs!!

But seriously, who could resist!!??!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My son

Quite a few times over the last few months Jet has commented he wishes I would have a baby in my tummy. (I feel in some ways it is his way of experiencing/saying he wishes he had been born from my womb)

A couple days ago, out of the blue, Jet tells me he is glad Jesus didn't have a baby put in my tummy. I asked why. Because then I wouldn't be your son. You and Daddy wouldn't have come to Thailand and brought me home. To be your son.

My son.

I am glad too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

7 years ago

Seven years ago today, we physically became a family of four. I became ill about 2 days prior to traveling. We had Bug escorted but still had to drive 3 hours to pick him up at the airport. I was devastated to not be able to travel. But Papa bravely went forth all on his own. I was so sick, Peanut had to go stay with my mom and dad. His flight was delayed due to a snow storm in Denver where they had a lay over. He came home on St. Joseph's feast day! Special for us. And his 5 month birthday.

I remember my girlfriend calling me, she came from IL to the airport. I was on with her when they were handing our son into my husband's arms. She was crying, I was crying, she was trying to take video and picture and take it all in. I had to let her go! She told me he had wild hair and was big. The biggest clothes I had sent were 6-9 month size. He was 20 lbs! Hubby could only put part of one outfit on him!!

I remember everything about my hubby pulling in the driveway. Looking in the back seat at this little baby. Feeling so proud of my husband, this little boy's daddy.

Bug is an easy going, kind hearted loving boy. He loves to read, play L*gos, anything St*r Wars, his family, Jesus, snuggles, Th*mas the tank engine, eating mama cooked meals and his baby blanket. At this point I am not sure the baby blanket will be gone when he walks down the aisle!! I love this boy and thank God for him every day!!

He stops to smell the flowers!

Chillin' while watching tv

I lOVE the 70's disco pants!

He climbed OUT of his crib and fell asleep here!

2nd Birthday!

My beautiful boy!

Can't you just see the mischief!

He has always had a laugh out loud personality!

Bug gives the BEST hugs and willingly switches clothes with Peanut, anything to get a laugh!

Bug has always been the best pillow for his sweet sister.

And has had the favor returned!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I forgot

Today as I was cooing at our 3.5 month old daycare baby, Jet says something to me about adopting a Thai baby. I wasn't sure what exactly he was referencing, whether he was saying he wanted us to adopt a Thai baby or if he wanted to when he grew up. Both of those scenarios are regular topics of discussion by our munchkins.

He starts reminding me of a baby his "mom" had in Thailand. This "mom" was a main caretaker of his and from his stories he often went home with her and helped her take care of this infant. I was not able to ascertain whether this child was adopted by her or a bio child.

Jet wistfully says he should have brought the baby with him to America for us to adopt.

He says "I forgot", all sad like.

If it were only that easy, pal. I would have come home with a plane full!

We did have a small discussion touching on the paperwork and time needed to "hop" countries. At least as much as a 9 year old with 9 months of English could handle! More importantly, we spent time chatting about friends left behind.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Living in an orphanage has many disadvantages for our children. That is obvious and an understatement in my opinion. The past 2 weeks has shown a huge advantage Jet has over us.

He has the immune system of a buffalo!!

Peanut started it and within one week it took out me and Bug, all the while she was on an antibiotic! She still feels crummy, my head is still congested and if I talk to much my voice goes. I felt like a mac truck had run me over for about 5 days. Now it feels like it was only a mini-van.

It took over my sister's family, all 4 of them, within a little over a week's time.

This nasty bug is contagious!!

But our sweet Jet is still a sparkly eyed ball of energy! His energy brings us all to tears 'cause we feel so awful! LOL

He loves to help us sickies out so we are so thankful for his strong immune system!

(Now I hope Murphy's law doesn't bite me in the butt!!)