Monday, December 29, 2008

8 years ago......

I was a Momma-in-waiting. We had been married 4+ years and had undiagnosed infertility. We were on the adoption path by this point and our paperwork was in S. Korea waiting to be matched with our first child.

Christmas 2000 had to have been one of my lowest points.

I honestly recall crying my way through many masses during Advent and Christmas.

At the time our paperwork had been sent over mid-October. Adoption time frames were very reliable back then and we were anticipating a January referral. So that would mean our child would have been born already as typically you were referred a 6 week old.

I struggled the whole Advent and Christmas season with the knowledge that my first child wasn't even going to be with me for his/her First Christmas. There was so much agony and despair, I remember just crying out to God that I couldn't understand WHY. So much was being sacrificed not carrying a child in my womb, how could this happen too.

Ahhh, if only I had been visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future.

January came and went. No calls. No referral.

Boys were more often referred to first time parents because when parents could request a gender, they more often chose a girl. At the time, we knew another family in town whose paperwork went the same time as ours. They had a son and were requesting a girl. Those two things combined made us fairly certain we would be referred a boy.

I truly didn't have a preference either way, I just wanted a baby.

February came and it happened. February 8th to be exact. THE CALL--second only to the travel call (ie: they are coming home or come pick them up)

I was at work. Thankfully my co-workers knew to ask who was calling for me and tell me to take the call in the backroom if it was my social worker.

As I would suspect many parents to say, I don't remember too much about that call. (Or they remember EVERYTHING) I know she told me it was a GIRL!!!

Unbelievable--did we even have a girl's name picked out?!

Then come the statistics of size, etc.... And her date of birth--12/29/2000

Do you see it?


I sat in the backroom sobbing. Not only was I finally a a little girl.....but God had heard me, known what was in my heart....and let me know He loved me.

He had/has plans for me. And even if we don't understand those plans, like those plans, agree with those plans, He will provide for us. His plans might not be what I dreamed but He showed me He did know the desires of my heart. And He gave me a reminder for life of His faithfulness and goodness. I just need to remember to watch for it and trust in it.



Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Little Sister gets an earful

So she really isn't a little sister in the sense she use to be. As I am getting older, so is she. She has been married 3 1/2 years and has 2 children. But she is still my little Sister. Her husband was out of town over the summer and I went over with supper one night. As I was leaving at dusk, the protective older Sister started thinking 'she is too young to be staying here by herself, it is going to be dark soon, etc....' Then my mind moves on to 'for goodness sakes, she has given birth to 2 children, she is certainly old enough!' But she IS still my little Sister and always will be. It is really a term of endearment.

On to the title of this post--on the 18th when I last posted I called my Sister up. My first comment was something to the effect "Now I know you have been pregnant and given birth, so please don't take offense to anything I say". (Same goes true for anyone reading, please!!) "But SERIOUSLY, I just want to be able to make love to my husband......and have a baby! I mean really, there isn't ANYBODY that plays a part in deciding when your baby comes home. (We won't even go there about the necessary hoops to receiving a referral for a child! My struggles right now are getting him home!!) God is the only One that has a Hand in deciding when that baby comes into the world. But there are MANY MANY people who have to do their job and do it well, impacting when my son comes home."

Of course, you readers don't have the full effect of my shrill, stressed voice grating in your ears, but I bet you can picture it. ;)) My sweet little Sister listened to the latest rant from a desperate Momma with her usual kindness and understanding. I love you, Sis!

Now I do know that God is big enough to impact ALL those people to do their part quickly and well.

However, that will not placate me.........because I don't know if those people will HEAR God speaking to them.

That baby in the womb of a Mother will HEAR and LISTEN. And his or her Mother doesn't stand a chance!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paperwork issues--UGH

Ok, there are MORE paperworks problems. I am truly not sure how many more of these I can take. Please pray this is VERY temporary and that our agency mails our I800 out today via overnight mail.

At this point I need to accept the fact that traveling for the Jan. 14th meeting is very slim and that fact is really not settling well with me.

I really wanted to be in Thailand and have our son with us for his birthday, to celebrate with his parents as a very special boy on his own with his parents. It would be the first time his actual birthday would be celebrated on his birthday and not with a bunch of other kids having a birthday in the same month.

In re-reading this post, this thought came to me, I really wanted to be in Thailand a long time ago.

Enough whining

At least for now~

Please pray for the paperwork to move quickly and for me to enjoy the Advent and Christmas season with my family here.


P.S. Thank you!! The thermometer continues to move!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kids say it best!

Our kids have been praying right along with us for the financial part to allow us to bring munchkin #3 home. He has been a "part" of our family for over a year now. There truly isn't a one of us that can't wait for him to be here.

We have been blessed the last two days with unexpected donations. THANK YOU!

This morning through my tears, I was telling Peanut and Bug about the latest 2. They are always curious about from whom and how much. While they have a concept of money, it is vague. They do understand we need a large sum of money.

Both kids take any money they receive or find and put it in our change jar we started for Munchkin #3. A favorite Christmas movie of ours is a story of a farm family with not much money one Christmas. Dad sells the horse to get presents, the kids, of course, loved the horse more than the gifts. This prompted us to discuss our Christmas and how would we feel about sacrificing our gifts for a brother. Bug emphatically responded without hesitation, YES--I want him home to play. Peanut took a little longer and wasn't quite as emphatic, however if it had been for a sister........ :))))

So back to this morning--
Peanut responded with a "My (Munchkin #3) is coming home! I can't wait till he is in my arms."

Bug gasped, said "oh wow, that is so nice of them" and did a jig!

Then we all thanked God. We thank God for providing for us and for all those that are helping to bring him home. You will be in our prayers forever, your names printed in our prayer notebook and forever in our hearts.

We look forward to one day "paying it forward".

We are all doing a jig on this glorious God-given day. May your day be as blessed as ours!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grants and Fundraising

What I like to call the nitty gritty part~

We have sold all but 2 of our first 20 Papa Murphy's Pizza Coupons which netted us $170. Thank you!!

We send out 2 grant letters/apps this week and have tentatively heard back that one is not able to help us. Please pray that we are able to hear something positive from the other one.

We need $7000 in 3 weeks. The irony of there being 3 weeks left of advent (a little less) is not lost on us and I can't think of a more fitting way to spend our advent with our focus on God's provisions for us and an orphan child.

Thank you for praying for us!



It only took 4 long months, but we have our USCIS I800A approval to bring an orphan into the states! YAHOOOO Praise God!!

Now we send in our I800 and it SHOULD be approved the same day. Then it has to trek all the way to Thailand's US Embassy.

Please God, help it all get there and done before Christmas so we can have our boy by his birthday!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Prayer Request Updates

Well, here it is December and we thought our son would have been home for 6 months by now! I guess that is what we get for "planning" in an adoption! It has been a rough few weeks but we seem to be turning the corner with some of our struggles in bringing him home.

The Thailand airport is suppose to re-open Dec. 5th. (Which means with the time change it should be open now) We will continue to pray to God that we can get in country and out before the possibility of more trouble arises.

We spent the last 2 1/2 weeks chasing papers that were to be mailed from our agency to USCIS, almost from one side of the country to the other. First, it couldn't be delivered due to being a P.O. Box and sat in the mail room for 1 week before being mailed back. Then right before the holiday was mailed from our agency but was "lost" by the mail service of choice and never moved out of that state till a week later when we asked about it! UGGGGGHHHH I am so thankful I have been obsessed following this case otherwise we would be losing even more time.

So it arrived at USCIS on Wed, yesterday and now needs to move through their mailroom to be checked for anthrax, bombs, etc..... (of course, because adoptive families are so suspicious, as if we haven't been fingerprinted and checked out enough!) Then our case worker can move forward with it.

I would appreciate prayers that it ends up in her hands tomorrow, Friday and she is able to approve us and we can truly move forward next week.

Our agency did indicate attempting to make it to one of the January meetings so it will be either the 14th or 28th that we will be there, God willing!! I personally vote for the 14th for many reasons, but most importantly is we would be with our son for his b-day--in Thailand which would be so special. It would just be Mama, Papa and him, so personal and special for his first b'day with us!! In the orphanage, they celebrate all the kids born in that month on one day with one cake. We would be able to make it SO much more for him.

We received our papers from Thailand that are needed to complete our 2nd step for USCIS (our government)!! Thank you God!

Thailand has been right on the ball with our case and indicated to our agency that they are very excited for us to travel and get our son. I don't think about the fact that if it weren't for OUR government struggles, he could have been home for Christmas. :(( But then the next prayer request would have been an even bigger problem~

That brings us to the nitty gritty money needed issue. A blessing of not traveling until January is that airfare will be lower, so total needed will be lower. Papa worked Thanksgiving bringing in extra money as well as he sold a guitar pedal. I have researched and called/emailed any groups affiliated with our church to see about grants/donations. Please pray for 2 possibilities I have found that might be able to help. We continue to work on the Papa Murphy's Fundraiser as well.

Please pray that we are able to raise the funds needed and go get in January as hoped for! Our guy has been waiting much too long for a family and we want him home!

Thank you for all your prayers and for helping us on this journey~


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank God for my infertility?

I have this weighing on my mind since I came across a post on a favorite blog of mine. Angie at Bring the Rain wrote a post in regards to thanking God for EVERYTHING not just the good stuff. (The actual post I am referring to was taken down by Angie, so you have to take my word for it!)

Angie is a wonderful Godly woman who is an excellent writer that has opened up her soul during a most tragic time to share with many who have suffered similarly. She and her hubby had a daughter die shortly after her birth. Angie has helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus as well as work through some of my feelings on my infertility. She really "won" me over when she included women who experience infertility in her National Remembrance Day Nov. 15th.

At the end of the post she gave a challenge. And that challenge has been dogging me for days now. She challenged us to write on a piece of paper something that we were thankful for.

But there was a catch, it had to be something we don't feel thankful for.


I have been tossing this around in my mind since then. Here is where I am so far....

I CAN say thank you for my infertility for ONE reason.....I wouldn't be Mama to Peanut and Bug with Munchkin #3 coming from Thailand.

But then there are all the other reasons I struggle with being infertile~

know what it feels like to carry a child inside my body, created in the most beautiful way by God's incredible design for husband and wife

being able to offer the life sustaining nourishment my child needs from my own body as God created it

have a big family, bringing up those souls to love Jesus as much as I do, offering them to Him

be more financially comfortable, due to the cost differences between our fantastic health ins and the expenses involved in adoption

feel like I am not good enough, for God, for my husband

feel like we are not Catholic "enough", that God doesn't trust us enough to raise our children to honor Him

Maybe I am reading too much into writing that sentence of thanksgiving. I believe part of the idea was to be obedient in thanking God and letting Him work on our hearts to truly feel thankful.

I wish I could be more thankful for it all.

I hope nobody thinks I don't love my children. They ARE my children.

I do thank God for allowing me to be a Mother.

I do ache in the knowledge that I will leave this life here on earth never carrying a child in my womb.

Being able to connect those 2 halves is what I strive for, being able to thank God for each aspect of my infertility.

And when I am most down in my acceptance/understanding of this cross I carry, I turn to this verse--

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6


Twitchin' Eye

Well, my left eye started twitching about the same time the airport in Thailand closed due to the protesters.

The protesters should be moving out of the airport to allow them to re-open sometime soon.

I wonder when the twitching will stop.... ;))


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Political strife in Thailand

Things are getting tense in Thailand right now. The International airport is closed down and has been for almost a week now. I do know of at least one family with the Mother and her new child stuck there. Due to this situation, bombings have increased in Bangkok.

So far our government has not issued any warnings, etc...about traveling there. Quite honestly it will take something HUGE for us to not go and bring our son home, however we would still appreciate prayers that we are able to travel in January. As I have been reading about the situation with the prime minister and this group PAD, it seems things are going to get worse before they get better. We would really love to get in and out BEFORE the "worse" starts.

Thank you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Papa Murphy's Fundraiser

For anyone in our town, we have Papa Murphy coupon cards for $10. They are over $25 in value and good at all locations in town.

It is a great time for these discounts with the holidays coming! Save money and no cooking!

Thank you for helping us bring our son home!


Prayer request updates

We continue to have struggles with our USCIS paperwork. God willing the papers should arrive there this week, not too sure with the holiday though.

Still waiting on paperwork from Thailand. They know what we need and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so that is helpful on their part!

Funds are slowly creeping up. Papa Murphy's Fundraiser starting!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers if you don't mind!


Monday, November 17, 2008


I am really hoping to be able to update our prayer requests today! We *should* be able to get our first USCIS approval today! And I hope to hear something about our paperwork from Thailand.

On a fun note, we found a VERY reasonable hotel really close to the US Embassy so we can walk rather than have to take taxis or tuk tuks. Walking will help with costs as well as stress to avoid traffic!

On a FABULOUS note, we received our first donation! How exciting!! We are so grateful to those willing to partner with us through prayers and financial help to bring this little guy home to his forever family! Thank you!!

I hope to be back later with more!

God bless you all~


Sunday, November 16, 2008


The four of us were talking yesterday about the fact that Munchkin #3 will never have worn a long sleeve shirt, probably will never have worn pants. We are fairly certain he won't have any idea what socks are either!! Any pics or video we have he is wearing flip flops!

The kids had fun wondering where he would think the socks should go, Bug thought hand puppets was the best guess!

I wonder how many layers of clothes it is going to take to keep the Munchkin warm and how long it will take him to wonder what he got himself into!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Adoption a Second Choice??

In our society, it is assumed you have infertility problems if you are adopting a child. This assumption leads many people to make comments suggesting that adoption is a second choice for a family.

I do know of quite a few families that have chosen to adopt rather than conceive a child.

We are not one of those families. We assumed we would have biological children. Like many, we never felt there would be a problem conceiving a child the "natural" way.

Turns out that wasn't "the plan".

We didn't follow many of the paths often taken for infertility treatments. We moved on to "plan B", adoption.

Does it naturally become a second choice because it is Plan B? Does it mean our children are any less than biological children would be to us?

The answer would be NO because....

With God as part of the equation, there is never a second choice. It is His first choice. His plan A for our family. It was NEVER in His plan for us to have a biological child.

It is not for me to ask Why. The Bible tells us "For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. "
Jeremiah 29:10-12

Would I have known the plans God has for me if we hadn't struggled with infertility? Peanut and Bug would not be OUR children. And they could not be any more OUR children had we "birthed" these 2 Munchkins.

There is no possibility my family is a second choice. I have hope and my children have a future and I can't wait to see His plans continue to unfold.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am finding it a struggle this evening to stay strong in my conviction that God wants this adoption to happen.

We stepped out in our faith in God that we would be able to meet the financial needs to travel and bring our son home.

A few unforeseen events this past year coupled with the no-interest loan we had lined up no longer being available, has left us scrambling for fundraiser ideas. A wonderful one came across my path from a good friend and I instantly followed it up.

I just received an email that it is no longer available in our area.

Please pray that a door is opened soon that will relieve our stress during this time of planning that should be a joyous one.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Social Worker is AWESOME

So we continue our struggles to get approval from USCIS to go get our son. We FINALLY got our case assigned and she asked for 3 things to be changed on our homestudy.

Our FANTASTIC SW just got the changes yesterday. She emailed this morning saying she made the changes and fed-ex'd them today!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you just is not enough!

One thing that makes the waiting much more bearable is the people who help you through this process. Our SW has been through all 3 children with us. She is like family to us and I can't wait to send her a picture of our family of 5!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Birth Mothers

In the spirit of National Adoption Month, I am going to post about many aspects of adoption that are close to my heart. As an adoptive mother, I think it natural this be the first.

Peanut and Bug were both born in S. Korea. It was 8 years ago that we had just (in Oct.) become homestudy to Korea. In layman's terms that means our necessary paperwork had just been sent over to wait for the referral of our first child. This put us into one of the hurry up and wait moments that have become SO familiar to us. You hurry, hurry, hurry with your responsibilities so that you can sit and wait!

Now that left me with plenty of time to think, pray, learn and read. At the time we didn't even have a computer and adoption wasn't quite as "out there" as a topic of discussion as it is now. Though it still has a long way to go!

We knew at that time, our child was already conceived and growing in his/her birthmother's womb. I assumed (never really a good thing to do!) that abortions* were not readily available in S. Korea. My awe grew immensely for these precious women when I found out that it is rather "easy" to obtain an abortion there.

These women CHOSE life, so that I may be a mother.

In a society that frowns upon unwed women,


in a society where open adoption doesn't exist so no chance to know or see their child,


in a society where the child would not be accepted if he/she was adopted domestically,


to carry that child for 9 months as an outward reminder to all of their "shame and disgrace",


knowing if they chose to raise their child, poverty would be their future,


Our family IS, because THEY CHOSE LIFE.

And I believe they loved their baby enough to make a plan, allowing them to have the best life possible. They had big dreams for their child. I believe it is my job to help my children reach for their dreams, for them, and for their birth mothers.

I strive everyday to do my best for Peanut and Bug to honor the choice their birth mothers made.

We talk to our children about Korea, their birth mothers and the different ways God creates a family.

I pray for my children's birth mothers every day. They are heavy on my heart on Peanut and Bug's birthdays. I wonder how they are doing, are they healthy, living, aware that God loves them, know that we love them, do they have other children/siblings to my children.....

I thank God for them always. I thank God they CHOSE life and I thank God He chose me.

I can't imagine one of them not being CHOSEN, can you?

Thank you to all Birth Mothers for making us infertile women MOTHERS. We are blessed beyond anything one can imagine. Please know your selfless act is so appreciated and honored by those of us blessed by your choices.


*FYI--We are a pro-life family.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month

Adoption Month History
The first major effort to promote awareness of the need for adoptive families for children in the foster care system occurred in Massachusetts. In 1976, then-Governor Mike Dukakis proclaimed Adoption Week and the idea grew in popularity and spread throughout the nation. President Gerald Ford made the first National Adoption Week proclamation, and in 1990, the week was expanded to a month due to the number of states participating and the number of events.
During the month, states, communities, public and private organizations, businesses, families, and individuals celebrate adoption as a positive way to build families. Across the nation, activities and observances such as recognition dinners, public awareness and recruitment campaigns, and special events spotlight the needs of children who need permanent families. It also includes National Adoption Day, traditionally a Saturday, which is observed in courthouses across the nation as thousands of adoptions are finalized simultaneously. (INFORMATION FROM ADOPTION.COM)

National Adoption Month, 2008 A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
White House News
During National Adoption Month, we recognize the compassion of adoptive and foster families as we seek to raise awareness of the need for every child in America to have a safe, loving, and permanent home.
Adopting a child is a great joy and also a great responsibility. Parents are a child's first teachers, and adoptive families can help children learn character and values, the importance of giving back to their community and country, and the courage to realize their potential. On November 15, caring parents across our Nation will celebrate National Adoption Day by finalizing their adoptions and bringing home children in need of a hopeful life.
My Administration is committed to helping young people find the love, stability, and support that a family can provide. We have joined with community and faith-based organizations to raise public awareness of foster children awaiting adoption. With the help of the Congress, we are assisting families in overcoming the financial barriers to adopting children through programs such as the Adoption Incentives Program. In addition, the Collaboration to AdoptUsKids project, which can be found at, provides guidance and resources for parents exploring adoption.
During National Adoption Month, we honor adoptive and foster parents who have shown America the depth and kindness of the human heart. Their love and dedication inspire the next generation of Americans to achieve their dreams and demonstrate the true spirit of our Nation.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2008 as National Adoption Month. I call upon all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities to honor adoptive families and to participate in efforts to find permanent homes for waiting children.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.

Please join us in celebrating the way God has created our family. To have a family is precious and so many children around the world never get that experience. Please pray more people are able to experience the wonders adoption offers.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Prayers for adoptive family

Please keep a family in your prayers that is currently in Thailand trying to bring their child home. They are having some troubles and REALLY need to have something good happen for the sake of the child and their family.

We know God can move mountains and we really need Him to do that now.

Thank you for sending out your prayers for this situation.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My most favorite 6 letters in the alphabet!!! He is officially ours and we can travel as soon as November or December!!


More later!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

God gives you "yours"

In adoption there are many variables when discerning God's will for growing your family. My shopping trip with my sister today proved His hand has definitely been a part of the making of our family. (As if there really was any question??!!)

We managed to get to Walmart with only 1 child, the quietest, actually! Of course he is only 6 months old but that is beside the point!

We hit the dairy section, you know, the whole long row of skim milk, 2% milk, whole milk with generic brands, name brands, gallons, 1/2 gallons....

Molly is in front of me, so I have to wait because what she needs, I need and can only be found in one small section. I am busy cooing at my adorable nephew so I miss how much she takes out, until it is my turn.

The ONE row of Goat's milk is gone! I bend down and can see at least one way back, she knows what I need and offers to use her long arms to grab me one.

That is when it hits me! How crazy good is our God that we both can't use cow's milk with our kids.

Made even more impressive by the fact that my 2 kids are adopted--no biology shared to each other, hers are biological!!

A wonderful reminder of His Wally-World!!

I wonder what milk Munchkin #3 will be able to drink???


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Done Waiting

Well, here it is 8 days since my last post. There are many times in this process I need to walk away from thinking about it "out loud". I am however unable to silence it inside. There are times I am unable to think about much else other than the fact that I want to go bring my son home now. I want to see his face in person. I want to hold his hand. I want to see him playing with his brother and sister. I want to be the one tucking him in at night. I want to know he is healthy and not going hungry.

Peanut and Bug would have a comment or two on all those "wants".

Don't you hate it when your own words come back to haunt you?!

I would simply love to be doing all the above, soon.

Mostly because he has waited way too long.

Thank you for praying for us all.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


That is what time it is in Thailand on Wednesday October 8th. The Thai board that works very hard finding families for their children is meeting at this time. A social worker is presenting some information on us to hopefully be given final approval and a travel date. I am not sure if I will even be able to sleep tonight!

Please pray that we receive the final approval and travel date!

Now if we could only get our government to get their job done quicker......but that is a whole other post!


Sales Girl

Peanut and Bug were making bracelets and necklaces today with pop beads. I hear Peanut start "hawking her wares".

Bracelets, necklaces for sale.....please help bring my brother home....Bracelets, necklaces, cards....please help bring my brother home.....PLEASE WE REALLY WANT TO BRING OUR BROTHER HOME, WE NEED TO SELL THESE....

It appears the "customers" were ignoring her. Peanut DOES NOT like to be ignored!


Monday, October 6, 2008


Recently I was in the living room with the kids playing downstairs. A favorite fun activity is to put the nylon tunnel on the 6 stairs leading downstairs with pillows at the bottom for landing. This is what I heard.

Peanut-- Just wait until <#3's name> is here to slide with us!

Bug--He is going to have so much fun!

Peanut--Then he can hold this side and you can hold the other, while I slide. The we can take turns. It will be so much more fun!

I LOVE that he is already such a part of the family! And that they are just as excited to grow our family as we are.

I so look forward to the day I hear all three of them on the stairs!! (Even if I hold my breathe with each slide!)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to be starting this blog to keep our family and friends up-to-date with our journey to our 3rd child. This adoption is different for us than our last 2, our son found us first. He is what is considered a waiting child. Waiting for us, that is!

Papa and I have known about our sweet son waiting for us since August '07. We waited awhile to share our news, to make the wait slightly easier. It has now been 14 months of waiting for us!! And we are more than done waiting. However that IS the nature of the beast with adoption.

We are praying to have him home before Christmas. Even if that means flying home on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!! Only time will tell whether God's plans agree with ours! Please pray with us that we will soon have our son in our arms forever. And that he is safe and healthy in Thailand as we waits for us.

Check back for more about our journey! And thank you for any prayers you can offer for us.