Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 months

Wow, it is unbelievable to realize we will be celebrating 1 year home next month with Jet!!

I thought I would give an update to things in our house!

Jet is doing very well. He is an energetic, little boy who is very happy warmer, outside weather has arrived. The winter was a long cold time for him. Outside play is minimal because it gets quite cold here, yet the sun shines brightly like in Thailand. He would think that automatically meant it was warm enough to go out. By the time spring was starting Jet was literally bouncing off the furniture! Thankfully our spring has been incredibly warm and much outside time has been had. I was quite sure one of us wasn't going to make it to spring if it didn't come soon!!

On the topic of energetic, Jet doesn't walk anywhere. He runs, skips, jumps, hops.... Literally. all. the. time. Arms flapping, head bouncing, legs hopping. Jet doesn't walk up the stairs, all four limbs are used to bounce up them every time! You could ask him take out the trash and his wiggly, giggly body would be on the task! If we could only bottle up his energy and enthusiasm!!

The bathroom situation is still a struggle. He goes at the prescribed time only with the exception of a handful of times. Once after I noted something seemed to be wrong, he indicated his stomach hurt and we encouraged him to go potty. (It is the name he uses for time to sit, pee we still call hung nam) He has been able to draw on that "feeling" and know he needs to go. At least 90% of the time he goes because he knows he "has" to because it is part of his routine. Jet was floored when he finally realized this needed to be a daily ritual. (I might have just found one task/time he doesn't hop, skip or jump to do!) He tells us he did not have to go every day in Thailand. Nor did he have gas. ;0)

Jet would really like to travel back to Thailand. He would like to see his friends. He would like his family to meet his friends. He has all sorts of things he talks about wanting us to experience, eat, see. This one troubles my heart. I would of course love to take us all back there. We enjoy traveling, the other munchkins didn't get to see it. I also strongly feel Jet NEEDS to go to have closure. So much is happening when the time comes for our children to leave their current life. A child Jet's age, 8+, has got to have so much going on in their heads. So much unknown, excitement, fear, anxiety. How can they truly grasp the departure from life as they know it? That their new home is 7243 miles from their current home and chances of returning are unknown. It is impossible for them to grasp and therefore, in my opinion, also impossible for them to take with them what they NEED to take with them. And I don't mean physical things. Adding more struggles is the fact we now have 2 countries to visit, S. Korea and Thailand. Unsolicited advice warning: Plan financially to return at about one year with your child and I am obviously speaking about the older adopted child here. I realize all children are different, if yours doesn't "need" to go back, go on a great vacation or use it to adopt again!!

Jet has grown about 1 1/2 inches and gained 4 pounds. His hair is the most obvious sign of better nutrition. His hair was very thin and sparse when we came home from Thailand. Jet has more hair now, it seems more full. Malnutrition is still evident in his appearance and will be for 3-4 years our family doctor feels. I also believe it plays a part in his attention span.

We have naturally had ups and downs, however we are thrilled to be a family of five! I have other areas to update however I want them to have their own posts so it isn't so much to read at once!!

We are so blessed!

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Kam said...

He is beautiful...inside and out, my friend! I just soaked up every word here. What a blessing and what a great God we serve! Jet is thriving and it's a precious thing to see!

Love you~

Angie said...

Unbelievable that we are approaching the one year mark...a little behind you! Isn't it amazing to watch these boys thrive in their new home. Amarin has just started talking about his home in Thailand. I'm so glad that he will share with us!

Kelly said...

You are blessed! Thank you for the update on your wonderful children - Jet looks to be fitting right in. I'm glad he has good memories of Thailand, they must have taken good care of him there.

Annie said...

Boys do have an amazing amount of energy! I call one of mine "monkey" and they other often gets "Tigger"! I pray that you all will be able to make those trips in the not too distant future!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Jet is growing up so much! Penny also talks of going back to Thailand all the time. We're telling her she'll have to wait a few years. That makes her sad because most of her friends will be out of the orphanage by then. I know it's a hard loss. But, so thankful for all that our kids have gained. Hope we can maybe meet when I bring Penny over to my parents' place for a week in June.