Monday, August 23, 2010

3 years

It was 3 years ago this month we first laid eyes on Jet.

We had no "plans" to adopt again. My husband didn't, for sure. But an infant girl became available from Korea who was already state side. We raced like crazy to get our home study done, yet we were not the parents planned for this little girl.

But we have a home study done. Just sitting there. It kinda seems like a waste not use it, right?!? LOL

In come the waiting child photo albums and websites. We were interested in an infant girl.

Long story short, our older boy found us. Have you ever noticed how many boys are available?? I mean, seriously, you can dress them cute too and they love hugs just as much!

I had requested info on a few boys, intending to only look at kids with subsidized fees. I "accident-ly" (we know God doesn't do things accident-ly, now don't we!) received Jet's and fell in love. We were in the process of praying and discussing what to do when I get an email from the agency, Jet had received subsidized fees!

Now 3 years later on August 10th we went to the Thai Embassy in Chicago and registered Jet's adoption. We have fulfilled all the requirements needed. (OK, we still need to do the passport, oh and raise him!!)

We couldn't have it go off without a hitch though! I had called back in April and set up an appointment for August. We planned our time in IL, Papa took the time off and I let my daycare families know. Papa, I and the boys took the train in from the suburbs for an eleven o'clock appointment.

We arrived early and thank goodness we did. They had no record of us coming in, the gentleman I had spoken to was in Thailand on vacation and the paperwork was not ready! I must say what happened next would NOT happen at a US Embassy. After we explained we were here for one day, the man we were talking to asked if we could come back at two o'clock. He would do everything he could to get it ready for us, even though he had never filled out this paperwork before. We said we would aim for 1:30ish.

We kept sitting there for awhile, it was air-conditioned and free! We were going to wait until a little closer to lunch time and then leave. Well, good thing we were there, he came back a couple of times needing to ask us some questions, make copies of paperwork I had just decided to throw in my bag and at 11:40ish told us not to leave, he was trying to get it done by noon before their break for lunch!!

We were treated nicely by all involved even though it took until 12:10 for us to finish. The gentleman cheerfully engaged with Jet and Bug and was genuinely touched when the boys both bowed and said Kob Khun Ka. Unfortunately Jet is no longer able to say much else in Thai. ;((

We took pics outside of the Embassy and headed down the sidewalk to find some lunch. Right next to the Embassy was Silver Spoon, a hole in the wall restaurant with steep stairs leading underground. We went and we ate some of the BEST Thai food we have ever had, coming close to food we ate in Thailand!! YUM! Their lunch specials were huge and very well priced!

It was cute when in the middle of the meal Bug said he wished we could take lunch to our helper at the Embassy!!

I was amazed at the paperwork we received. I had no idea. We received his actual Thai birth certificate, we had only seen a copy. We received his House registration, like a US SS#. And we are able to maintain dual citizenship for him. We received 2 other forms in Thai and I can't remember what they were so if anybody knows, please tell me!!

It has been a long 3 years in some ways but now time just seems to be flying by!!



Anonymous said...

congratulations on finalising Gemx

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

SO Happy for your family to be at this new stage in your life. And PTL how the paperwork all got worked out at the last minute and in such a timely manner. And the lunch sounds great! We're hoping to get some great Thai food in LA, too! And Penny will get to meet some of Jay's relatives in CA for the first time. I'm sure we'll be meeting your family, again, sometime, too! Thanks for all of your prayers! Jay just got an interview lined up for Friday.

Annie said...

Such a wonderful 2 year adventure to this new son! I look forward to the day we can say, I remember when we first laid eyes on her (or his!) photo!

Mireille said...

Congratulations! I love the last picture of the 2 of them wai-ing, cute!!

Anonymous said...
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