Monday, November 3, 2008

Birth Mothers

In the spirit of National Adoption Month, I am going to post about many aspects of adoption that are close to my heart. As an adoptive mother, I think it natural this be the first.

Peanut and Bug were both born in S. Korea. It was 8 years ago that we had just (in Oct.) become homestudy to Korea. In layman's terms that means our necessary paperwork had just been sent over to wait for the referral of our first child. This put us into one of the hurry up and wait moments that have become SO familiar to us. You hurry, hurry, hurry with your responsibilities so that you can sit and wait!

Now that left me with plenty of time to think, pray, learn and read. At the time we didn't even have a computer and adoption wasn't quite as "out there" as a topic of discussion as it is now. Though it still has a long way to go!

We knew at that time, our child was already conceived and growing in his/her birthmother's womb. I assumed (never really a good thing to do!) that abortions* were not readily available in S. Korea. My awe grew immensely for these precious women when I found out that it is rather "easy" to obtain an abortion there.

These women CHOSE life, so that I may be a mother.

In a society that frowns upon unwed women,


in a society where open adoption doesn't exist so no chance to know or see their child,


in a society where the child would not be accepted if he/she was adopted domestically,


to carry that child for 9 months as an outward reminder to all of their "shame and disgrace",


knowing if they chose to raise their child, poverty would be their future,


Our family IS, because THEY CHOSE LIFE.

And I believe they loved their baby enough to make a plan, allowing them to have the best life possible. They had big dreams for their child. I believe it is my job to help my children reach for their dreams, for them, and for their birth mothers.

I strive everyday to do my best for Peanut and Bug to honor the choice their birth mothers made.

We talk to our children about Korea, their birth mothers and the different ways God creates a family.

I pray for my children's birth mothers every day. They are heavy on my heart on Peanut and Bug's birthdays. I wonder how they are doing, are they healthy, living, aware that God loves them, know that we love them, do they have other children/siblings to my children.....

I thank God for them always. I thank God they CHOSE life and I thank God He chose me.

I can't imagine one of them not being CHOSEN, can you?

Thank you to all Birth Mothers for making us infertile women MOTHERS. We are blessed beyond anything one can imagine. Please know your selfless act is so appreciated and honored by those of us blessed by your choices.


*FYI--We are a pro-life family.

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