Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food Fancy

I thought I would give an update on the food, eating situation for Jet. I am going to give more detail for others who are venturing down a similar path to us.

A description of the food served at the orphanage-- We received a definition as well as saw 2 lunches being served. It is a clear broth with pork balls or chicken, thai veggies, and chinese noodles or noodles. They are served a bowl of rice after that with taro, mango or banana.(or just rice)

Take out stock in chicken broth!! My best piece of advice!!

When we first arrived home, I made quite a few stir-fry's, fried rice and pad thai meals. All were well received, I thought. Then Jet had a tummy problem (tomorrow's post!) and I went out and got chicken broth to make soup. It was the first time Jet said "good" without being asked if he liked it! Well, duh!! Our version of soup--broth, rice, chicken, carrots--is what he ate everyday, three meals a day.

It has become quite comical because every time I have a whole chicken out, he points and says with hope in his voice, "soup"!! (I tend to cook a few whole chickens at once, then pick the meat off to use in recipes)

Jet had definite dislikes in the beginning. Macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, sandwiches, oatmeal, beef of any kind, mexican food, name a few.

One thing to point out, I know the baby books say to try something many times before knowing if they really don't like it. I equate the process with Jet over the last 3 months, in many parts of development, to be similar to a baby/toddler's. Only on mega steroids!! The process, that is, not Jet!

He now loves macaroni and cheese, doesn't gag on his oatmeal and finds peanut butter tolerable.
He doesn't grumble about sandwiches but still prefers chicken and turkey to beef.

Soup still does reign as best!!

A side note, the soup is eaten with a spoon and a fork. Actually, Jet likes to eat most anything with both utensils. And they use them at the same time! Not one and then the other. For a while after we got home, Jet wouldn't use both. I assumed it was because his siblings didn't. However, in the last few days, he has gone back to eating that way.

When we first had Jet join us in Thailand it was obvious he was expected to eat what was on his plate. Being unfamiliar with quantities and wanting him to try new things, we had to pay close attention to whether he liked something or not. We always had something we were fairly sure he would like as well.

Papa worked to get Jet to understand he didn't have to completely clear his plate. Papa would exaggerate full by leaning back in his chair, patting his stomach and say full. Near the end of our time in Thailand Jet leaned back in his chair, patted his stomach and said FULL!! We laughed till we were crying!

And when I say clear his plate, I mean clear his plate. He will literally eat every little kernel of corn, piece of rice, noodle, not leaving anything on his plate. He still does, unless it is something he is not fond of.

We did go through a phase where he thought he could say no thank you to something that was being served. LOL

I can count on one hand how many times Jet has asked me for something to eat. He still isn't too confident with full and hungry. He did wai in the beginning each time we would offer him something to eat in between meal times.

The orphanage gave us a bunch of boxes of milk to take with us. They were soy and cow milk. We have many allergies in our house so we have all kinds of milk--goat, cow, rice, soy and almond. His favorite is the rice milk, vanilla flavored.

We do very very little soda and the bubbles drive him crazy! He is a very fast drinker and that is uncomfortable with fizz.

Hope this helps plan for some easier transitions in your house!! Any questions ask!


Ellie said...

Aww, Megan! You're so good! That sounds very much like my Jacob!!!! He still STRONGLY prefers not to eat PB, corn, beans and some others. He LOVES soup!!! He has learned to tolerate fresh veggies, and he loves fresh fruit. I think he got a lot of fresh fruit in Thailand. Loves pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, peaches, learned to love strawberries, but didn't at first. We have continued to have him try things that he's convinced he cannot stand. Just last night, after having fresh corn on the cob (cut off) he said, "corn is good". He hasn't liked it for the past 4.5 yrs!!! Hasn't wanted to try it, but we continued to have him.

He's also a fast drinker!!! Gulps it down!

Thanks for all you've shared! Brings back a lot of memories! I'm sure it will be very helpful for others out there! I know it's a very good description of our experience, too!

Maci Miller said...

Great info here, Megan! Thanks for sharing! I was prepared to make rice congy and noodles and stuff, but honestly had never considered stocking up on chicken stock! Good to know! So cute about Jet patting his belly "full" like Pappa! :-)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Ah, I can relate about the dislikes. Our daughter's favorite dish is larp, a common Isaan dish (Northeastern Thailand/Laos). And thankfully, we recently found an Asian market that came under new management (Thai!) and we can get all the real herbs to make the dish the way Penny really likes it! Note: She also loves almost any Japanese food I make, including anything with fish and seaweed.