Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh....I got it......

Wow has it been awhile! All I can say right now is I am back! And I have alot to say.

Tonight I will start with an update.

We have hit 6 months!! Who would think! Time goes sssooo s l o w will waiting for your child to come home and then it simply flies by in a flash. Why is that?! We had our last home visit and will hopefully be getting into court soon!

I can't wait to share his picture!

Jet is doing good! His vocabulary continues to grow. A short 6 months in and we are working on fine tuning his pronunciation. He has an incredible grasp of the English language and the meaning of words. Quite evident by the fact he is able to translate so many things from English to Thai!

Oh...I got it... Jet's favorite phrase....usually includes a pointer finger in the air, followed by his answer/thought/comment. We must hear it at least 20 times a day!

Jet is working to find his fit with his brother and sister, not by angry glares anymore. His "edge" or wall of protection is for the most part non-existent. We have entered a new phase of grieving, thankfully. As odd as that may sound, I strongly believe it would not be a good situation if we didn't experience grieving. Jet has mourned the loss of his friends. Difficult as that may be, he did make it a habit of bringing it up when one of his siblings was not doing what he wanted or they were disagreeing. I by no means am saying Jet did not miss his friends. His feelings were real. He just also happens to be a smart kid!! ;))

Another sign of his grieving/stress is the thumb sucking is back. He has also reverted to another "behavior/tic" we had noticed right after meeting him in Thailand. It is not as frequent as it was then, but it definitely indicates some sort of unrest in his sweet soul.

The kid has got to be so confused about our weather!! We had the snow in early Oct. and now we have had above normal temps, not even requiring winter coats!! Truth be told, the munchkin is pretty much always cold though!!

Peanut and Jet continue with their love/hate relationship. Two type A personalities either clashing or joining their abundant energy to overwhelm us type B people! The honeymoon has definitely ended for Peanut yet she still mentions a prayer of thanksgiving for Jet finally coming home. Reigning in her motherly/big sister self is my biggest challenge with her.

Bug has become more assertive and open in his relationship with his brother. Bug and Jet have finally bonded over L*ego and St*r Wa*s. Bug still requires his Sissy time. Jet struggles with the fact his younger brother is bigger than him. Competition and comparison are 2 big struggles for Jet. Also 2 expected struggles for siblings and for a child raised in an orphanage for 8 years, I believe.

I will leave my personal update for another day. Suffice it to say, I have called on a blogging buddy who had offered to talk if I ever needed it. I am admitting I need it, probably did awhile ago. More on that soon. I did say I wanted to share it all and I am convicted of that feeling again. So I will.

I missed blogging. I look forward to sharing.


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Our daughter continues to go through grieving, as well. But, it's a good sign that she is working through her emotions and beginning to adjust. Like a friend told me, it's not one stage. It'll be like the layers of an onion gradually peeling away. Just when you think it's over another layer will need to come off. So, hang in there! God has not called us to an easy task to parent these hurt and abandoned children. But, it's such a blessing to see them understanding that they are loved, not only by us, but by a heavenly Father who will never leave them.

Angie said...

Ooooh...I can't wait to see a photo! Amarin grieves, too, usually quietly. Sharing is hard, always wanting to be first, wanting what his brothers have, etc. Lots of tears when he doesn't get his way, but we're trying! We've had a great vacation in Florida, and it's been nice to have a slower pace!

Kelly said...

Don't leave us hanging for too long.... I've missed your updates.

Question: I know Thailand is particular about photo posting, but why is it that some families already post and they haven't been to court yet. I know with foster kids you can't post anything until they are legally yours. Just wondering?

rosemary said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are moving along for your family in the adjustment spectrum. I know this must have been a huge challenge for Jet but he sounds like an amazing kid! I think you are right though when you say that it's better to see grieving (no matter how hard it is) than not to see it at all. We hope that when our son comes home he will be able to express his pain too.

Annie said...

Love the updates on Jet and I can just imagine that the grieving process takes time. I guess as long as he is showing his grieving, then you know he is working through it. Yes, sharing is hard for kids adopted or not! Sounds like Peanut is a true big sister, just like my daughter with her little brothers!

Ellie said...

Been thinking about you! Really do call sometime!! I've been expecting it! :)