Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stories to tell

Back at the end of August, beginning of September Jet told me a story about his life in Thailand. At this time, I am unable to remember the first story he told me. However the second one came while we were driving to IL. Papa really didn't believe me when I had told him Jet was relaying something from his time in Thailand. He almost drove off the road when Jet started to tell us a story!!

Bug was telling us about something that scared him. We were talking about it and how God fits into it all. Jet spoke up and said when in Thailand he told his "Moms" about monsters scaring him. He then touched one of the bracelets he came home wearing saying the "Daddies" put it on him because it would keep him safe. I knew what he was telling us, what I was understanding, between his broken English and hand gestures fit with what we knew to be true. When in Thailand I had asked Miss Oh if she knew of the significance of his bracelets/strings. The one he was indicating was only available at a Wat, the monks would be the "Daddies". He went on and on about how they reassured him about the bracelet protecting him along with the particular Buddha they made an offering to.

First, we were amazed at how Jet was able to understand "scared" and relate it to feelings he had in Thailand. Also amazing was his ability to use English words in place of Thai words. Creating a relationship to our God protecting us and Buddha protecting was not what one would expect from an 8 year old who had been speaking our language and heard about God for 4 months either!!

Almost 2 months later the stories continue and have become much more clear as his grasp of the English language grows by leaps and bounds. Even when one wouldn't think that could happen!

We have learned some absolutely wonderful things about his past. It is so great to be able to share in his first 8 years in such a way! He has been able to give us a huge understanding of the Buddha worshiping he was familiar with, different outings he went on, school experiences..... Some of the stories are more difficult to process (accept, not understand), some we are hoping are still a little lost in translation, all best left for our son to keep close to himself and us as his parents.

Last night as we sat down as a family (of 5!!) to watch N*mo, Jet explained to us he had seen it in Thailand with 3D glasses in the movie theater!! With all his friends!! What a hoot!!

Today Bug told me Jet had alot of America in Thailand! Is that a good thing? I am not sure, however it does makes the transition easier for our older adopted children.

We have even moved into a new phase. Jet is now teaching us Thai! Is that not just crazy!! I love it! Tomorrow morning he will be teaching school in the beginning of our day....Peanut, Bug and I will be learning to count to 100 in Thai!! I better go get some sleep~

Sweet dreams!


rosemary said...

How exciting that jet's language is even progressing to "feeling words" which can be so difficult to learn! I am very jealous that you have a Thai tutor in house - maybe he can pop over here and help us out after your morning class! ;-)

aamayna said...

Wow, that is amazing!! So glad he is also comfortable sharing his past life with you guys and feeling words are coming too!

Holly said...

its cool he wants to teach you now

Annie said...

What a wonderful story of everyone coming together and understanding and communicating! I imagine it will just continue and grow as he is able to express himself and tell more stories! You are going to be a multi-lingual family!

Ann and Bryan said...

That is totally AWESOME! We look forward to Ray opening up to us as much as Jet has with your family. Very inspiring stuff!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

A book I would HIGHLY recommend to you is "From Buddha to Jesus" by Steve Cioccolanti. It will really help you to understand true Buddhism and how it can open the door to them understanding that Jesus has died for their sins.

Kelly said...

I was thinking of your family today, and how thankful I am that you were able to bring your son home. Sadly, the little boy I would love to see running around my house is still in an orphanage in Thailand - and we just are not able to get this process going forward. Please help me pray that little Nantanon finds his Mommy and Daddy. Give your kids a squeeze from SC. Hope all is well.