Sunday, February 14, 2010


Jet knows how to dial 911.

And he knows there are firemen on the other end. (ok, sort of firemen but you get the idea!)

My mom keeps her old cell phones for the grandkids to use for play. Jet is obsessed with one phone in particular because it takes pictures. He finds it when we first get there and keeps it on him at all times. Quite honestly he likes any play phone. So I have heard him play talk many times on the phone.

Mom and I are chatting, kids are playing and my dear dad was watching his neighbor plow snow for him. Jet is near us when I hear him say he is dialing 911. I don't register much except I think it is great he knows how to do that! I wasn't even sure if the phone was turned on, etc...

I think I hear a recording. But I have heard something like that before so not much thought yet. Then I notice Jet seems to be having a REALLY GOOD conversation with himself. Very smart questions he seems to be answering!

Say, I remember right....can't you call 911 with a cell phone even if the phone isn't in service any more?

I have one ear tuned in to mom and the other listening to the conversation I am starting to desperately hope my son IS having with himself.

I must admit mom's answer took a back seat to Jet saying "here is my brother" while trying to hand Bug the phone. Telling him the fireman wants to talk to him. This is one good pretend phone call!

Bug was too busy watching Charlie Brown valentine and said no thank you.

My ears are starting to listen for the sirens.....I don't think my parents neighbors could take a second ambulance, etc coming to their house in one month!!

What was your answer, mom? No really, are you sure? Because Jet is having a conversation on the phone like I have never seen before. Are you sure?

Ok, the sirens should be coming soon.

Mom goes over and takes the phone from Jet to listen. I am fairly certain she really didn't expect to hear anything but a recording.

An FYI, in case YOU didn't know. They DO dial 911 even if no longer in service!!

Thank goodness the Thai accent in a child with stilted English helped her to NOT find it necessary to send help right away.

Or maybe it was the fact his brother was too busy watching Charlie Brown.......


Angie said...

Too funny...kind of. Don't you wish they wouldn't learn things quite so quickly?? How surprised would have he been to see the police show up at the door!

Kam said...

Hysterical! Bless his sweet heart!

Nichole and Craig said...

I was laughing the whole time I read this. I would have never thought the cell phone would have worked when not in service. I learned something from your post 8-)

Ellie said...

TOO cute!!! I love the pic, too!!!