Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Living in an orphanage has many disadvantages for our children. That is obvious and an understatement in my opinion. The past 2 weeks has shown a huge advantage Jet has over us.

He has the immune system of a buffalo!!

Peanut started it and within one week it took out me and Bug, all the while she was on an antibiotic! She still feels crummy, my head is still congested and if I talk to much my voice goes. I felt like a mac truck had run me over for about 5 days. Now it feels like it was only a mini-van.

It took over my sister's family, all 4 of them, within a little over a week's time.

This nasty bug is contagious!!

But our sweet Jet is still a sparkly eyed ball of energy! His energy brings us all to tears 'cause we feel so awful! LOL

He loves to help us sickies out so we are so thankful for his strong immune system!

(Now I hope Murphy's law doesn't bite me in the butt!!)


Kam said...

Okay, so Joel is the exact same...we have been soooo sick! Him, not at all! Praise the Lord but my goodness...he has quite an immune system!

BTW, am I crazy? Who are these other beautiful people in the photo?

Love ya~

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Yes, it's true. Kids raised in an orphanage do have good immune systems. Penny did have one bout of flu with a low grade fever for about four days back in the Fall. Otherwise, she has caught nothing! I did have a pretty good immune system after working with three year olds in preschool. But, this year, now that I'm working with one year olds, I was hit hard by a virus last week. Hope your crew all regains your health soon!

Megan said...

Hey Kam!

Aren't they beautiful! They are NGO workers at the orphanage. We have pics of Jet with the lady from when he was little. And Prince made his own page with note to Jet for his scrapbook. He was very sad to see him leaving. They both followed us around and took LOTS of pics. So very very sweet! Thanks for asking!!

Kam said...

That's awesome! What a gift for Jet! They represent "The Land of Smiles" well...just beautiful!

Love you my friend, hope you are well. How are things? I need to email you...about life and jobs and life and adoption and life...and stuff.