Friday, March 12, 2010

I forgot

Today as I was cooing at our 3.5 month old daycare baby, Jet says something to me about adopting a Thai baby. I wasn't sure what exactly he was referencing, whether he was saying he wanted us to adopt a Thai baby or if he wanted to when he grew up. Both of those scenarios are regular topics of discussion by our munchkins.

He starts reminding me of a baby his "mom" had in Thailand. This "mom" was a main caretaker of his and from his stories he often went home with her and helped her take care of this infant. I was not able to ascertain whether this child was adopted by her or a bio child.

Jet wistfully says he should have brought the baby with him to America for us to adopt.

He says "I forgot", all sad like.

If it were only that easy, pal. I would have come home with a plane full!

We did have a small discussion touching on the paperwork and time needed to "hop" countries. At least as much as a 9 year old with 9 months of English could handle! More importantly, we spent time chatting about friends left behind.


Ellie said...

What a sweet, sweet boy. The things he says often remind me of things that Jacob has said in the past. They sure go through so much, and have to sort out a lot in their minds.

Annie said...

Yes, that is so sweet and I can just imagine how he sometimes must get a melancholy feeling thinking about the little ones left behind. It's nice to know he has such nurturing quality!