Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to be starting this blog to keep our family and friends up-to-date with our journey to our 3rd child. This adoption is different for us than our last 2, our son found us first. He is what is considered a waiting child. Waiting for us, that is!

Papa and I have known about our sweet son waiting for us since August '07. We waited awhile to share our news, to make the wait slightly easier. It has now been 14 months of waiting for us!! And we are more than done waiting. However that IS the nature of the beast with adoption.

We are praying to have him home before Christmas. Even if that means flying home on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!! Only time will tell whether God's plans agree with ours! Please pray with us that we will soon have our son in our arms forever. And that he is safe and healthy in Thailand as we waits for us.

Check back for more about our journey! And thank you for any prayers you can offer for us.


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monica said...

I'm starting at the beginning. From the date on this post it seems you guys have really been on quit the journey.