Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thai, Latin and English....Oh My!!

Our munchkins have been attending a summer program at our church this week.

Last night, I am listening to Jet and Bug play and think I hear him saying something that sounds like Latin. Part of a Latin song we sing at Mass. But I am quite sure I am just hearing things. I listen again, more closely.

Peanut is sitting next to me and starts to giggle. She proceeds to tell me they are learning the songs we sing in Latin at Mass!! And I wasn't hearing things, Jet was singing it!

Then all 3 broke out in song....

Agnus Dei, qui tolis peccata mundi miserere nobis.

They are having a blast!!

And Jet is fitting right in. In fact a few of the leaders didn't even realize he hadn't been in the country very long until I said something the second morning!! (His teacher did know)

Bug and his best friend have enveloped Jet right into the fold. When John Paul asked for us to get together, he said Bug and Jet's names!! Made my heart feel good. Such a sweet boy!

Thanks for letting me share!!


Kam said...

Yay for Jet! How fun is that? Man, kids are so sharp, aren't they? Good for him!

Love ya~

Kelly said...

My friend was just telling me that her little girl (7 yo) adopted from India last spring now attends the Jewish Day School here and speaks English and Hebrew. Unfortunately she can't remember her Indian dialect.... Keep up the thai if possible.