Thursday, July 23, 2009


Why? Why?? Why would someone consider making a movie about orphans, depicting such ugly things on CHILDREN who have already suffered huge losses in their little lives.

How is Hollywood accepting such trash when it is so "popular" to adopt among the stars? Is it different because they are adopting babies or toddlers? Or different because it would never happen to them? They could never have a child who has been hurt so badly by others in their life, they are no longer able to "feel".

I am now not just an adoptive Mom, I am the mom to an 8 year old who joined our family about 2 1/2 months ago. MONTHS. He was over 8 when he came home. The child depicted in this movie is 9 years old. I am outraged to say the least.

I am so angry with a society that would allow movie makers to even THINK a movie such as this one would be profitable. We should be making Warner Bros very aware of how deplorable this movie is to all. Each and every member of our families should be outraged for their nieces, nephews, cousins, grandkids, kids, children who are adopted. All the people party to the making of this movie should be bombarded with mail from the adoptive community.

Truly it is trash, even if you aren't personally touched by adoption. There aren't many people nowadays NOT touched by adoption personally. So you might say it is more common place/acceptable to adopt so the movie is "no biggie". So NOT true!

Infant adoption is much more acceptable today. Toddler adoption is starting to be more commonplace but older child adoption is still filled with horror stories. The few you can find. It happens rarely and is talked about even less. This movie will sure change that! All the negative stereotypes will be rearing their ugly heads squashing any positive voices that are trying to cry out for these children.

I love adoption. I wouldn't be a mother without it.

Thanks be to God, I am now a strong advocate for older child adoption.

I have been to the orphanage. I have seen a few of the 143 million orphans searching for a home. I have had them reach out and clutch my arm, shirt, purse, as soon as I get close enough. So happy to see and touch a fellow friend's new mom. Not even their Mom, another child's mom. I have looked at a group of 36 cottage mates standing before me, smiling and giggling, wiggling with excitement. As I silently count them, the math makes me even sadder. See, I know only 59 children came HOME to their families in the US in 2008 from Thailand. I know there are other countries involved but it still leaves alot of numbers behind. Except it isn't numbers to me. It is faces and eyes.

These are the faces being hurt again by such a film being produced and shown. To prejudice a society against considering giving these children a family.

Please watch the trailer as seen. It opens tomorrow, July 24th. Please please consider boycotting Warner Bros. And let them and all those involved in this film know your feelings.

Not attending the film isn't enough. More must be done.

For the children left behind. The faces I will NEVER forget.


Angie said...

I too am appalled, yet not surprised by the movie industry. I had tears in my eyes looking at the photo you posted. I didn't go to Laura's orphanage, and Charlie's only had about 20 babies that were going home soon. I have no idea how I will handle leaving so many children behind in Thailand.

Ann and Bryan said...

I totally agree that this is a horrible depiction of adopted children. Hopefully the sensible people in the world will realize that this is just a fictional movie and has no bearing in reality.

Kelly said...

I made similar comments to a friend a couple weeks ago when I saw the trailer, and she said, "Well what do you expect if you adopt an older kid they are all messed up." I was stunned that this perception is out there, and to watch Hollywood try to capitalize on such a terrible idea is appalling. I will be boycotting it and letting others know why.

Ellie said...

Right there with ya, Megan! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for being a voice for these children!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

My daughter who is 14 and only came home 6 months ago was watching t.v. with me when that movie ad came up. She was asking me all about it. It made me mad! I made it clear to her that this was just a movie and a made-up story. But, even at her age, it's hard for her to distinguish between reality and fiction. I hate watching t.v. for so many reasons, including the ads for the horrible movies out there.

Jen and Jeff said...

This is such a powerful post. It's heartwrenching to see that trailer. Just disgusting the message they are putting out there. And yes, incredibly sad for the kids left behind.