Friday, December 25, 2009

1st Christmas

One would not normally assume an 8 1/2 year old would be experiencing Christmas, Santa, stockings, presents, cookies, Christmas lights and trees for the first time. But that is the case here. Naturally none of this was celebrated in Thailand at his orphanage.

This week we have had many many first experiences.

Presents arrived from my brother and his fam. Such torture having them sitting there to just look at!! We had found out a few months ago Jet had never received a present. He had a few upon arriving home but we tried to keep things simple. But going from NEVER to Christmas! Whoa!!

Can you even think about a child never being given a gift? None for his/her birthday, Christmas or just because they are loved. I am not naive, I have known it exists, but never so fresh in my mind. Never put right in front of me, as in my son. And his friends. All left behind, with slim chances of ever experiencing the love of a family.

Jet's stocking was delivered and hung making there 5! The next day he made a letter and picture, then put it in his stocking. One minute later he *found* his stocking had something inside! It was so cute!

Tuesday this week was one of the best days!! Papa was not working so we went to sit on Santa's lap! We went in the early afternoon and timing was perfect. We arrived while Santa was at lunch, expected to be back in 10 minutes. We were second in line!! Woo hoo! Jet loved every minute of it and had to be pried off Santa's lap. He did have one minute of nervousness while we were waiting but when I explained Mama would be there as well as Peanut and Bug, all was well.

Then at dinner time on Tuesday, I whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate. The munchkins put their pjs on and we jumped in the car to munch, slurp and look at Christmas lights around town! It was a blast, as it is a favorite tradition of ours and Jet's excitement made it extra special. Thankfully we did it Tuesday night as we now can't leave the house, we have so much snow!!

I truly wish on Wednesday I had counted how many times Jet said "Mama, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Then we open presents"!! To say he was excited is an understatement!! Not that one could blame him. His FIRST ever Christmas!

It dawned on me at bedtime he thought we would be waking up and opening family presents right away. Like it had been explained to him we did on Christmas morning from Santa. Whew, he at least knew we had to wait till after dinner Christmas Eve.

Peanut and Bug generously volunteered to allow Jet open the first present, as we take turns. He was so excited!! We opened and played till almost 10pm.

So imagine my surprise when I was awoken at 3am to shrieks from Peanut's bedroom! Excitement abounded until Mama walked in. Jet did get in an excited, "it's Christmas morning" before I separated everyone to their own spot to go back to sleep.

Then we couldn't get Jet to wake up! Finally at 8:15am, Bug went in to wake him and his gasp was AWESOME!!

Christmas morning had FINALLY come!!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!!


aamayna said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! I could feel his excitement from your post! Did he seem overwhelmed by it all? My daughter eventually just tunes out the presents and stops opening them (and she only spent just over a year in an orphange but it seems seems to be too much for her). I am already anticipating the first Christmas for our next child who will be much older when he/she cpomes home and know it must be ver exciting/ a bit overwhelming getting those first Christmas experiences!

Holly said...

wow it sounds so wonderful for him!

Ellie said...

What sweet, sweet memories!!!

Annie said...

Megan, This was so much fun to read! I can just imagine what a joy it was for you to watch Jet open his first surprise Christmas gifts!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Do we get photos?! I need photos!
Rach's orphanage got a donation this year of 75 bikes! That means that EVERY kid got a bike! I don't know how he's going to feel about leaving that bike behind. They are huge on Christmas there.
I'm SO happy you guys were able to give Jet a wonderful first Christmas experience!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Our daughter was just as excited about her first Christmas even though she was 14 years old when she experienced it. We know about all of that snow. We were snowed in in the Black Hills. Have a very Happy New Year! If we come your way this year we will look you up!