Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Present Plan Flop

Birthdays and Christmas are all smooshed together in our house. From the middle of Oct. to the middle of January, all 3 munchkins have a birthday and Christmas. The rest of the year is empty.

We started talking birthdays back in Sept. with Bug's being the first to celebrate. Through different conversations and events, it became apparent to us that Jet assumed you received anything/everything you asked for.

In the past Peanut and Bug have marked up the magazines, made lists, etc... I remember doing the same with the JcPenney's catalog! But they know it doesn't mean they will receive all those items. We encouraged them to not focus too much on that this year, to lessen some confusion.

One day before Bug's birthday, I had an idea to write out a long want list. I listed everything Bug wanted or had even mentioned! My mind set was then Jet would see we don't get everything we want.

Bug received 4 or 5 items from his list. I made sure to point it out.

Not too long after, Jet seemed focused on telling me he wasn't going to make a big list. "Not many things, little bit"--he says.

It took a few days to hit me......

4 or 5 things were on his list.

This munchkin will definitely keep us on our toes!! :))

Oh, and those few things...

a drum set, violin, nintendo DS, star wars legos, remote control helicopter or R2D2



Kam said...

Yay! So glad to see you here again! I've missed you my friend! How are you? How is your sister? I'm lovin' your Christmasy blog!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I hope you bought that boy R2D2. :-)
I love to hear about the adventures you guys are having!!

rosemary said...

HAHAHAH! What a clever cutey-pie! I remember being one broken-hearted little girl when I was very carefully told that I could not receive a real living Yoda for my birthday one year. I did not want a doll yoda at all. I wanted a yoda to live under the sink and take baths with me.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Yes, our daughter wants EVERYTHING, too. But, she's starting to learn the cost of things and the value of money as she can't always buy everything she wants with the allowance she's been earning. Her big IPod. They do have expensive taste, don't they?