Friday, December 18, 2009

Winner Take All

Competition is fierce in my house.


And I mean fierce, seriously.

Let me give you an example--

The munchkins and Papa were downstairs playing a Wii bowling game. I was upstairs doing chores and could hear the fun being had downstairs. Soon I could hear many strikes were being made. All was well.

For a moment or two.

Then I hear it. Two munchkins voices going back and forth, getting louder and louder. With the third voice thrown in every once in awhile. (I wasn't sure which 2 until later. I will admit I assumed I knew who it was, but I was wrong!)

Up for "debate"--whose strike happened faster. Yes, you read it right!


My first reaction was REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

Then I laughed. Right out loud. I was SO deliriously happy Papa was witness to this scene! I strongly believe he is laughing inside at me or rolling his eyes when I talk about the competition that goes on. Day after day. And I only share when I am truly exasperated!

He had first hand experience! And one of the best! I wish you could have seen his face when I brought it up later after the kids were in bed. Dumbfounded!

I don't want my kids to grow up fast at all. But I can't wait to share this one with their kids!!



Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Our daughter told us she doesn't want us to adopt another child. She said she would be so mad at another child that she would HIT him/her. So, we're a little apprehensive to add more kids to the mix because I'm certain that would also be FIERCE competition in our household if there were any more little munchkins.

Kelly said...

With 4 girls its ALWAYS something. This morning Tarin and Abby (#2 and #3) were arguing over who was yelling louder. I just roll my eyes.