Sunday, March 28, 2010

My son

Quite a few times over the last few months Jet has commented he wishes I would have a baby in my tummy. (I feel in some ways it is his way of experiencing/saying he wishes he had been born from my womb)

A couple days ago, out of the blue, Jet tells me he is glad Jesus didn't have a baby put in my tummy. I asked why. Because then I wouldn't be your son. You and Daddy wouldn't have come to Thailand and brought me home. To be your son.

My son.

I am glad too.


Angie said...

Such sweet words!

aamayna said...

Oh my goodness! Such sweet sweet words!!

Kam said...

What a sweetie he is. So cool that he is putting all of that together in his little heart this soon and that he is sharing it all with you. What a blessing.

Still needing an email from you... ;)
Love you,

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Penny has talked about that subject a lot, too.

Holly said...

aw how sweet

Annie said...

oh that sweet honesty.