Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Singing time

It is so fun to listen to Jet sing! It is like listening to a toddler/young child singing what they think are the words.

My favorite to hear, and his so we hear it alot!, is Jingle Bells. (He likes to sing all the time and I have just been realizing we need to do the typical young child songs for him to learn and expand his repertoire!)

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way,
Oh my God
, it is.....(mumble mumble)

And the best part is Oh my God is said very reverently as we do not use that phrase in our home and when we say my God it is done as we talk about our God.

I like to hear it so much I have not yet been able to correct him. Neither has Peanut, she thinks it is sweet too.

We do singing time with the day care infants everyday and it so cute to watch my kiddos with them. I love watching Jet sing to them and try to follow along as he is learning. Yesterday he was trying to keep one baby happy while I fed another so he tried to start the songs on his own.
I really had a blast listening to him sing to her, his versions, with the Thai accent.

I wonder if their parents will notice when their kiddos start singing songs? Ya know, the Thai accented wrong words to the traditional nursery and Christmas songs!!

But seriously, who could resist!!??!!!!


Mireille said...

I love to listen to my girls sing too, it is such a happy and cheery voice.

Annie said...

He sounds like he's just full of personality and enjoys learning new things!