Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jet's Best Friend needs prayers

In April 2008 we received a new video of Jet from when our agency had traveled there in March. We, naturally, could hardly wait to watch it. Imagine our surprise when it started and we were able to see our son playing with another little boy! We had full view of the boy our son was playing ball with. (Unheard of in the pc, privacy controlled US)

It was such a treat to see him interacting with another child and the giggling laughter from these two was pure joy!!

Then we found out it was his best friend who was also coming to America!!

At that time, we were told the boys were kept together at the babies home rather than having to move to the boys home. One less move for them since they had families that would be coming to get them! We were thrilled. We also learned the boys had been told they had families in America. It was explained to us this was not the norm, individuals within the orphanage were very excited for the boys and told them. Ordinarily, it seems the children are given much less "notice".

Jet knew for 14 months he had a family in America. His best friend is still waiting.....20 months after he heard the great news.

Yes, I said 20 months.

And his family in America has been in process to bring him home for well over 2 years now.

Mark and Shawna recently received some news that rocked their world and is leaving this adoption completely up in the air. There is a possibility their son is not considered "adoptable". They along with their 2 beautiful daughters, age 9 and 11, and 3 grown children, are grappling with this news. Trying desperately to understand the reasons behind all this wait and uncertainty.

God's hand has been on this adoption all along. They first spotted this young boy in Thailand 3 years ago. Yet they felt led down a different path towards their next child. After the door closed on that path, a new photo album was delivered and that young boy was still waiting....It was a full year later. Another door had been opened. They knew he was the one.

We have met this little boy. He turned 8 this past summer. He is a delightful, smiley, energetic, finger-snapping little boy! He loves to ride bikes and his favorite color is pink. Those are 2 tidbits I learned from Jet.

He is my son's best friend. Jet is well aware he has a family here in America. In fact today, out of the blue, Jet said, "I can't wait till my friend comes to America". I didn't need to ask who he was talking about but I asked anyway. I was right. My heart ached at that moment.

I call him their son, as he will always be their son. No matter what.

Please, please pray for Mark and Shawna, Marina and Alexis, for peace and strength in this wait. Pray for those in Thailand acting on behalf of this little boy, that God may slip the necessary documents/evidence in place. Pray for this little boy, for an understanding in his heart. That he may know HIS FAMILY WANTS HIM VERY MUCH.

Thank you for taking this family into your hearts, thoughts and prayers. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I wish they lived close by, so I could hug Shawna on a daily basis. I know I would need it by now. Actually, I would have needed it a long time ago. Also I did have permission to use their names in my blog.

May God bless you all~


Hollie and Devan said...

Oh Megan. Such heartbreaking news for your friend, and Jet's friend. We know first hand the anguish they feel as our son knew about his family in America also for 22 months before we could come to bring him home. Please tell the family we will pray for them. We too went through a time in which we weren't sure if we would be able to hold Petch in our arms forever. We are thankful again to be here right now, especially reading your post! We had some struggles at USCIS yesterday, and also did not realize the fragility of our own case even still. We need USCIS to read through all the documentation and find that there is enough proof that Petch is adoptable. It is scary to even think about what could happen even with our agency and approval from the Thailand Child Welfare.

I want you to know that I have learned so much from reading your posts about your adoption of Jet. It has helped us to learn some of the things you have encounter with your older child adoption!

Peace, love, & Prayers,

Leah said...

I found your blog on the Thai Adoption blogs list. I was reading your blog and couldn't believe the similarities in our adoptions. We are almost finished with our homestudy. We are adopting an 8 year old boy from Thailand and we have 2 children ages 7 and 9. I would love to email you and ask you some questions if that is ok. Please email me at hogfive@gmail.com.

Ellie said...

Praying, Megan!! Please keep us posted on this. What a situation!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I've loved reading your recent entries. I, too, have thought about how blessed I am to have this privilege of being a mother thanks to Penny's mom being willing to give birth to her. So thankful for her life! And don't feel guilty when parenting is hard. I'll certainly be praying for Jet's friend. Adoption can have so many risks along with so many blessings attached to it. We really hope we'll get to visit you someday. Maybe Penny will be ready for a longer road trip next summer.

Ann and Bryan said...

Similarly, our son has known about us (his family in the USA) since October of last year. I hope he knows how much we love him and cannot wait to be his forever family, together in one home. I cannot imagine having to wait 20+ months! If it's hard for us adults, I cannot fathom what it's like for a child. We'll certainly keep this family in our prayers.