Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter in October?

On Sept. 7th we were swimming, boating and hot in IL with our friends.

On Oct. 10th those same friends were in SD for a surprise visit. They were able to see Jet experience his first snow!!

Who would think??!!

Jet has been very anxious for quite some time about when he would get to see snow. We have let him know many times he really didn't want the snow to come yet! I mean really, he can't hold an orange just out of the fridge long enough to peel it or an ice cube tray to get more than one ice cube out!! LOL Snow = COLD

No more than 2 days prior to Saturday Oct.10th, I had talked with Jet, again, emphasizing we wouldn't see snow for about 2 more months. We would have fall, albeit a colder than normal one.

Please don't tell anyone I am to blame for the snow!

I got to make Jet's night twice that night. First, telling him he could finally wear the footed sleeper for bed. He had been waiting for this since we had tried it on in fall!! And second, having him look out the window!! It was a good thing it was a footed sleeper!!

He flew out the door and danced around on the deck with his brother and sister. They tasted snow together and made small snowballs.

He was SO excited!!

There was one small moment of indecision of whether to be excited when he realized the snow might mean he couldn't try his new skateboard he had just received.

No problem......

.....he didn't even stop to take off his knee and elbow pads!! Or helmet!! LOL

A snowman was even built! It was a little wobbly. You know, nobody was willing to make their snowball smaller so each one was the exact.same.size. Oh the competition!!!!

Our house was filled to the brim....4 munchkins, 3 adults, 2 dogs, loud laughter, fun, and lots of love!!

It was simply put...priceless. We are so blessed.


Angie said...

Oooh...a sneak peak at Jet's sweet smile! I'm glad he liked the snow as I'm sure you'll have plenty this winter. Amarin loves his footy PJs, too, though he doesn't seem overly impressed with the freezing temps we've been having lately. The first morning he saw frost he said, "Oooy, white!" Just wait, buddy!

Kam said...

How fun! Isn't God good? The Scriptures say He has storehouses of snow in Heaven...and He shared some with you! LOVE it!

aamayna said...

Wow, I love that last picture! I am so not ready for snow yet! My daughter keeps asking for it though!

Kelly said...

Snow.... in October....absolutely can't fathom that... it's in the 70's here today- although we did have a bit of frost this morning. I'm glad Jet enjoyed the snow - let us know when he gets sick of it, I can't imagine a winter where you live. No news on the job front just spinning our wheels here. If you ever find yourself in SC DEFINITELY give us a call -I would love to meet you guys IRL. Still praying for Jet's friend - when will they know something?

Holly said...

how cool for Jet, what an exciting night for him

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Penny was so excited about the 21 inches we just had on Oct. 29th.

Annie said...

I miss the snow! We finally just stated cooling off just a little here in Florida, down to a whopping 57 degrees yesterday! I love the cool weather!