Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kids say it best!

Our kids have been praying right along with us for the financial part to allow us to bring munchkin #3 home. He has been a "part" of our family for over a year now. There truly isn't a one of us that can't wait for him to be here.

We have been blessed the last two days with unexpected donations. THANK YOU!

This morning through my tears, I was telling Peanut and Bug about the latest 2. They are always curious about from whom and how much. While they have a concept of money, it is vague. They do understand we need a large sum of money.

Both kids take any money they receive or find and put it in our change jar we started for Munchkin #3. A favorite Christmas movie of ours is a story of a farm family with not much money one Christmas. Dad sells the horse to get presents, the kids, of course, loved the horse more than the gifts. This prompted us to discuss our Christmas and how would we feel about sacrificing our gifts for a brother. Bug emphatically responded without hesitation, YES--I want him home to play. Peanut took a little longer and wasn't quite as emphatic, however if it had been for a sister........ :))))

So back to this morning--
Peanut responded with a "My (Munchkin #3) is coming home! I can't wait till he is in my arms."

Bug gasped, said "oh wow, that is so nice of them" and did a jig!

Then we all thanked God. We thank God for providing for us and for all those that are helping to bring him home. You will be in our prayers forever, your names printed in our prayer notebook and forever in our hearts.

We look forward to one day "paying it forward".

We are all doing a jig on this glorious God-given day. May your day be as blessed as ours!

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