Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Little Sister gets an earful

So she really isn't a little sister in the sense she use to be. As I am getting older, so is she. She has been married 3 1/2 years and has 2 children. But she is still my little Sister. Her husband was out of town over the summer and I went over with supper one night. As I was leaving at dusk, the protective older Sister started thinking 'she is too young to be staying here by herself, it is going to be dark soon, etc....' Then my mind moves on to 'for goodness sakes, she has given birth to 2 children, she is certainly old enough!' But she IS still my little Sister and always will be. It is really a term of endearment.

On to the title of this post--on the 18th when I last posted I called my Sister up. My first comment was something to the effect "Now I know you have been pregnant and given birth, so please don't take offense to anything I say". (Same goes true for anyone reading, please!!) "But SERIOUSLY, I just want to be able to make love to my husband......and have a baby! I mean really, there isn't ANYBODY that plays a part in deciding when your baby comes home. (We won't even go there about the necessary hoops to receiving a referral for a child! My struggles right now are getting him home!!) God is the only One that has a Hand in deciding when that baby comes into the world. But there are MANY MANY people who have to do their job and do it well, impacting when my son comes home."

Of course, you readers don't have the full effect of my shrill, stressed voice grating in your ears, but I bet you can picture it. ;)) My sweet little Sister listened to the latest rant from a desperate Momma with her usual kindness and understanding. I love you, Sis!

Now I do know that God is big enough to impact ALL those people to do their part quickly and well.

However, that will not placate me.........because I don't know if those people will HEAR God speaking to them.

That baby in the womb of a Mother will HEAR and LISTEN. And his or her Mother doesn't stand a chance!!

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