Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paperwork issues--UGH

Ok, there are MORE paperworks problems. I am truly not sure how many more of these I can take. Please pray this is VERY temporary and that our agency mails our I800 out today via overnight mail.

At this point I need to accept the fact that traveling for the Jan. 14th meeting is very slim and that fact is really not settling well with me.

I really wanted to be in Thailand and have our son with us for his birthday, to celebrate with his parents as a very special boy on his own with his parents. It would be the first time his actual birthday would be celebrated on his birthday and not with a bunch of other kids having a birthday in the same month.

In re-reading this post, this thought came to me, I really wanted to be in Thailand a long time ago.

Enough whining

At least for now~

Please pray for the paperwork to move quickly and for me to enjoy the Advent and Christmas season with my family here.


P.S. Thank you!! The thermometer continues to move!

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