Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest news

After a 12 day wait, we received a reply from the US visa dept in Thailand as to the next steps necessary. We are waiting to hear how we can meet the items they are requesting. Our agency has indicated there is still a possibility we could travel this month. We do know they are anxious for us to travel so as soon as we notify them, they will probably give us the next available meeting.

We, of course, wish to travel ASAP as well. However, we are concerned with the potential costs in last minute flights. We are also concerned with their reaction if we don't immediately go due to costs.

One assumption we had was due to the changes in the process under Hague, we would not be as likely to run into struggles/issues causing us to need to be in-country longer than the 10-12 days. Recently, we found out that is NOT the case. We by no means want to be unprepared for the possibilty and that requires more money for hotel and food.

Our homestudy needs to be updated since the process is taking so long. This requires fees to our social worker, police dept fingerprinting, new child abuse clearance forms.....Hopefully this will not slow things down! Praise God our SW tends to be very speedy in these cases!!

We continue to be in need of prayers and donations.

We received notification from one grant of not being chosen. We have 1 left.

We now have a girls bedroom and a boys bedroom. Peanut and Bug have yet to not sleep in the same room!! At least the new bunk bed has a double on the bottom that should fit all 3!!

We thank God for the opportunity to be advocates for adoption and for leading us down this path to older child adoption. We can't wait to have our 3 munchkins under 1 roof!! Thank you for your prayers!


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Anonymous said...

Oye, well, glad something is moving along, eh. Still praying and hoping for no more obstacles.