Monday, February 2, 2009


Peanut and Bug were sorting their rock collection today.

I overheard them making a pile for #3. :))

It was so endearing, even more so because they used his American name. We have called him by his Thai name for a long time, it is odd for any of us to use his American name. Add to that the fact that Peanut was rather perturbed by our choice of name, and I was speechless!

As I was checking morning schoolwork I was feeling so good about these thoughtful children I had. They were sharing their precious rock collection with a brother we have been talking about for 18 months. A brother they have only seen a small handful of pictures of with two small videos. If I were them, I would truly think my parents were making this all up by now!

I was SO proud!

Peanut came into the kitchen to grab a bag for #3's rocks.

Peanut says- We have rocks for #3!

Me- Wow, that is was so nice of you guys to share with #3!

Peanut- Well, we had some neither one of us wanted.

I'm off to eat some humble pie~ ;))


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