Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There seems to be a strong possibility that we will need to go to Thailand to solve the problems we are experiencing to bring our son home. We would be traveling with an unknown time for returning to the states.

We need HUGE prayers for this situation as this would obviously increase our costs. Plus many other considerations: Would we take the kids with us? How would we leave them with family and not know how long we could be gone? That would add 2 more plane tickets--YIKES. Papa would need to be home to go back to work. How would I fare in a city on my own with 3 kids where I don't speak the language? I suppose munchkin #3 could do the talking! ;)) I MUST keep my sense of humor or I will completely lose it. I am shaking inside at the thoughts of all these things.

If only we were independently wealthy--I would take the whole family, go do what we needed to do, go down the beach in Thailand and stay there until the Embassy has it all worked out! I hear a beach vacation is a great way for the new family to bond together in the child's country and very inexpensive--like $30 a night at a resort right on the beach! We could count it as a field trip for school and all is good!!!!!!!

Well, a girl can dream, can't she?!

Please pray~


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