Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here he is!!

Please meet our newest son-----

Peanut was in charge of the camera, she did good!

I love this picture, he looks so attentive to the judge!

The night before I was getting clothes ready for the next day. Peanut and I always struggle over her clothes so I knew I didn't want to deal with it in the morning. We had to leave by 10:15a and we had us 5 plus our 6 month and 3 month old day care babies! As we were looking in her closet here hanbok (Korean dress) popped out at us. She tried the hat on and I was looking at the dress itself thinking it looked quite generous for her. Lo and behold, it still fits her!! It is intended to be worn at your first birthday! We found a compromise, quickly I might add. So, of course the boys needed to be dressed in Asian wear as well!!

So we walked into town hall, in a town of 3100 like this....

We were 10 minutes late and the judge was sitting on the bench already. YIKES! I am fairly certain we made our poor bil a nervous wreck. And they couldn't reach us on our cell phone because we had no coverage. :)) But our judge was AWESOME!! He had actually done our other 2 adoptions and is an adoptive father himself! He included the other 2 munchkins, talking to them and having them approach the bench to sign the actual adoption decree. They felt so proud and such a part of it all. Then he gave them each a lollipop!

The 3 amigos!

We celebrated by having home made spring rolls for dinner! YUMMY!!!!! It was the first time I made them and they were so good!! Everyone loved them, that doesn't happen very often!

My favorite pic from the day....Jet with my Dad, who by the grace of God was able to be there mere weeks after a major heart attack. As you can tell by his face, Jet is a real ham! My Dad was pretending to eat his lollipop.

On the drive home I mentioned to Papa, I wonder if the judge will still be around in another 2 years.......I will just say, I liked his comment.

I am going to continue to use our nicknames for the munchkins since I hope to keep this blog and am not too sure we won't do it again. ;))

Hope you enjoyed!


Kam said...

I know I've seen him before in an email but it bears repeating....he is beautiful! What a handsome young man! He looks so proud! Yay for you sweet friend! And #4??? I'm already feeling the tug toward it myself! Heaven help us! Love you~

rosemary said...

Jet is so handsome! What a good looking kid. Congratulations on all you've accomplished together as a family. Milestones!!

Robin and Kyle said...

Congratulations on your special day!! They all look so beautiful!

Angie said...

Congratulations! How did I miss this post a few days ago?? He is so handsome,and looks like he is just so comfortable in his new life. I can't wait until it's our turn! And you go, girl. Go for the next one!!!! Maybe another sister??

excitedtobeafamily said...

What a handsome new son you have! All your children are just beautiful! Congratulations! It is neat to see how much this means to him.

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

YAY PICTURES!! I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing your special moment with us all!

Mama Misty said...

Sweet! Awesome! Praise God!! Looking forward to keeping up with you on the blog :)

Holly said...

he is such a cutie! Congrats!!!

aamayna said...

Yeah! I almost missed this post but so glad I saw it! congratulations!!!!! He is just adorable!

Maci Miller said...

Congrats! What a handsome young man! Love the pic of your 3 kids together. What a wonderful day for your family!

Julie said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for your family and your precious kids.

Loved the picture in the courtroom. Brought back some very special memories.

Thanks for sharing!