Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jet's Day

Jet wanted an exciting day and he got one! Just not sure I needed all the excitement that came with it.

My father suffered a major heart attack this morning and had a stint put in one artery. He is stable at this time, we wait to see what damage was sustained. My mother was admitted shortly after, a combination of previous health concerns and today's stress.

So no family birthday party and I was gone most of the day.

However, while the cat is away the mice will play!

A morning of DS and Wii play, lunch eaten AT Burger King, an afternoon of Wii, Star Wars movie, pizza (brought in, not Mama made!) for dinner followed by cake! All with Papa and the brother and sister!! Then the present opening. I was home in time for dinner and presents. Yeh!

A picture or two tomorrow, I am exhausted.

Please tell your family members you love them. And make sure you right with the Lord, for we never know the time or place. Blessings~


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Megan, I'm so sorry to hear about all of the stress that came on Jet's B-Day less than one year after coming home. Thankful that your father is still with you. We'll certainly be praying for you. I'm sure that Jet still felt blessed with his first birthday in America. Praying for rest for you!

Kelly said...

When our third daughter was sick (Blondie on our blog) I had stayed at the hospital so much I was exhauseted. I was determined to be at my oldest's 8th birthday and help her celebrate with the few friends coming over. Thankfully my mom and sister came over to help decorate and clean up the mess of a house created by kids left behind while mom was gone. Abot an hour before the party I decide to lie down for "just a minute." The next thing I heard was, " Thank you for inviting me, Good bye" from a bunch of little girls. I was devastated. I felt like I had let her down, but when I went stumbling down the stairs to apologize to her she was sitting with her grandma and aunt, happily showing me her presents and telling me it was a great party. She never felt that she missed out, so I had to quit beating myself up.

It sounds like Jet had a GREAT day of endless fun. I'm glad your father is doing well, there are so many things they can do now with the heart. When our second daughter had heart surgery we were told that if she had been born 3 years earlier she would have died within days, but medical research is such a wonderful thing.

I'll continue to pray for your Dad's health, your mom's as well, and the ongoing bonding of your family as a whole.

rosemary said...

So sorry to hear of your family's pain. Will say a prayer for them. Sorry it all happened on Jet's big day too. In a frustrating way, this is a story for him about being part of a family. We all give up our big days for each other.

aamayna said...

I am so so sorry to hear about your father. What a day. My thoughts are with you guys.