Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mama and Daddy's Son

After I realized Jet was still concerned about being here in our family forever, we have talked about it quite often.

Yesterday I was filling out a form for our lawyer and called Jet over to confirm with him his official name. I explained the papers and it was so we could go to court to have him as our son FOREVER.

Today, Jet and I were alone in the car (only a daycare baby along) and he said:

"I can't wait till we go somewhere and someone says I am Mama and Daddy's son forever. I never have to go anywhere else."

I have explained to him no matter what anyone says, he is our son! I hope going to the *officials* helps to give him some piece of mind.

We can't wait either, buddy!!! But you are OURS no matter what anybody says!!

Then I can show his face!!!!!!!


Kam said...

Bless his sweet heart! Amazing how much we can guard ourselves, isn't it? Can't wait to see his face here!

Ellie said...

What a little sweetie!! These poor kiddos... face so much uncertainty when they're without parents for years. Jacob still faces such moments. STILL. My last post... where I told of him telling a lady at church that the one thing that would be hardest to give up would be his mom (when all the other kids were putting video games, etc...) ... he still faces some insecurities. He knows all too well what it's like to face life without a mommy or daddy. He's lived it. Doesn't it hurt your Mama heart?? I'm confident that it will be used to the glory of God someday, though.

Kelly said...

It is probably a very difficult thing to accept that you were chosen, when no one chose you before. I hope so very much that he accepts that he is very loved, and as much a part of your family as peanut and bug.

Holly said...

he is such a sweet little boy!

Anonymous said...

We, his grandparents, cannot wait until he is permanently ours either. He is a precious and wonderful addition to our family of grandkids.