Wednesday, May 20, 2009

100th POST!!

An update seems like a great post for the 100th!!

What an amazing few weeks we have had! The trip was something to be remembered forever. Seeing a country on the other side of the world, witnessing the way of life for them has affected us in ways we are still processing. The opportunity we had to see where Jet spent his first 8 years was a complete privilege. One I hope many others try to take advantage of. There are images I will never forget.

Jet is a good kid! He has been seen by our doctor and dentist. He is completely healthy, no cavities, no parasites. His teeth have even been treated with enamel!

Jet reads and writes in Thai. He was playing with a little Thai boy in the US Embassy while we were waiting whose Mama spoke good English as well. At one point she told me the boys were challenging each other with math problems!!

I woke up this past Monday morning ready to get back on a routine for all of our sanity, so by 9am we were starting school. I started with addition flashcards for Peanut and Bug figuring Jet would be able to watch. Jet knew how to count to ten in English, we knew that already. So after Peanut and Bug each answered one, I flashed an easier one to Jet and said the problem out loud to him. He gave me the English!! I did rounds with all 3 of them and Jet even knew 7+4, we didn't even know he knew 11.

I told Papa I needed to do some shopping for new home school stuff!! He was totally ready to jump right in, we did handwriting and English words that day.

He is fairly picky with eating, not too good when you are super skinny! I will be taking out stock in rice and Thai noodles!! I thought we went through alot of rice before! Jet does not like mac and cheese, that was the worst face I have seen him make yet!! (Annie's Gluten free)

We are still working on the western potty thing. So interesting....keeps things hopping I guess. ;)) I am not too sure how we are going to fare when Papa goes back to work next week!

Jet does like his Mama now. He started the day before we left Thailand to warm up to me and actually slept on me for part of the plane ride. He is definitely more comfortable with me but has his limits overall. It really hasn't been that long so we are doing well.

He sleeps well at night, has since the beginning. He has a difficult time staying on task for very long and is definitely use to being outside alot.

Speaking of outside.....this is the first day Jet hasn't worn a pullover fleece hoodie with his t-shirt and jeans all day long. Even outside. It has been in the upper 80's to low 90's here. What on earth is he going to wear come WINTER!!

The kids are doing well, all things considered. I am going to leave that for another day. Peanut is doing very well in role as "big" sister. Bug is struggling. Both are opposite of what we expected. So fellow adoptive parents, beware!!

A bit of the honeymoon seems to be wearing off as we move into a new stage. The kids were all in bed at 7:45pm tonight, if that is any indication. :))

Yes, we know there will be hard work involved. Yes, I think older child adoption is amazing!! I don't think I really anticipated it to be this dynamic!

Papa and I are such nuts about adoption and our journeys it was all we talked about while signing our life away refinancing today!! They could have gotten us to sign anything. They asked questions and we talked, the gal tried to slip in a few words about what we were signing but hey....we know paperwork!!

They asked if we were done....having kids
or if we were going to adopt again.....



Ellie said...

Love hearing how things are going for you! It sounds like things are going very well. Love that he and the little boy at the embassy were challenging each other with math problems! How cute is that!?!

Kam said...

I love hearing all of these details! Will pray for things to settle and for everyone to be comfortable with the new "normal". How coo! He can do the math problems! Can't wait to hear more!

Kelly said...

I love hearing the details too. I'm sure that everything will settle down eventually, but any way you have 3 kids it is a lot of work - after 3 it just doesn't matter. I'm jealous, but loving your stories. Kelly

Holly said...

i hope the english lessons continue to go well!

Jen and Jeff said...

Oh, Megan it is just wonderful to hear about Jet and how great he is doing! Did I tell you before that we just LOVE his cool name. Sounds like he should be a rock star! :-)

Funny about the mac and cheese. I have wondered about this cause the Thai don't eat a lot of cheese and we are big on dairy at our house! My Thai girlfriend stayed with us for a month once and she didn't like it at all. Also very cute about him wearing his fleece! So wonderful all those sweet, fun dynamics. Sounds absolute wonderful!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Believe it or not, our thirteen year old adopted in January now wears fewer layers than I do when it's chilly outside. She wants to wear shorts no matter what! Praying for everyone's adjustment!

Mama Misty said...

So happy for you Meg!! Glad the transition is good, so far:)
I bet layers are just a habit and once pool season starts he'll be willing to wear less:) We are starting to get some awesome bonding here with our older kids...and hoping the summer is full of more good times---praying for our best summer yet!! And you hope to have finalized before year's end, that's awesome. We don't have a date yet but maybe this summer/fall. Love the updates!

Leah said...

I just found your blog and I was so excited to see that you adopted an older child from Thailand. We are starting our homestudy to adopt an 8 year old boy from Thailand. I would love to hear from you and how everything is going. My email is Thanks. :)