Friday, May 29, 2009

Board Meeting Day

We had meet with our Thai SW on the Friday prior to our Wednesday board meeting. That was the day we went to meet our son. At that meeting she said she wanted me to wear a dress or skirt and Papa, nice pants with a button down shirt. Ummm, ok.

Our agency had given us instructions as to what to wear to the board meeting. For women they suggested either dress pants or a dress/skirt. I had spent alot of time before we left picking out an outfit to wear. Dress pants were the end result.

It was one of those situations were you feel like you have to do whatever is necessary to be able to adopt your child. There seems to be quite a few of those situations.

I responded in the affirmative. We would figure it out, we have 5 days, right?

I am fairly certain my shirt DID NOT match my skirt. Neither color nor material.

But the Munchkin did get to come home with us! :))

I am not sure what I really expected of the meeting. I know I expected the board members to be mostly men. Not sure why. We had 3 ladies in our room.

I was too hot to be nervous prior to the meeting. As indicated, there was no air conditioning where we waited our turn. I had fallen the day before so I had a swollen left knee and twisted right ankle. Both were swelling by the minute and were visible due to the skirt situation.

Then there was the fact Jet would be asked questions as well. Let's remember he was not fond of Mama. (Really that puts it rather mildly!) What would they ask him and would he answer them?! He had taken to not responding to Thais when they spoke to him. UGH!

The meeting was enjoyable. I liked seeing these ladies and knowing they had probably played a part in making our family what it was about to become. I was able to silently pray for them and all their efforts to find homes for these children. I could hopefully display to them a little bit of "us" and how blessed WE felt to be Jet's parents. My labor.

Their questions ranged from how long have we been waiting to adopt, our schooling plans to the kids back home. They had our homestudy in front of them and went through it as they asked questions. We talked about Thailand, our impressions, how long we had been there and they made suggestions of places to go.

They spoke to Jet. He was hesitant at first but then he warmed up. We, of course, were clueless as to what they were asking him as well as his answers! He had the ladies laughing many times. A few things they did translate for us.

He eats hot dogs for breakfast.

He sleeps in the middle. LOL

Translation, please.

Hot dogs=sausage links

We had a king size bed. We had him in the middle so he didn't fall out or leave the room in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, they were laughing...even if it was with a little bit of a hmmmm in their comments.

After that one board member asked the ages of our other 2 children. As we started to answer, another member found the info and laughingly said,

2000, 2001, 2002! They all found that funny.

It was over.

As we were getting up, I was reduced to tears as one woman softly said,

"Thank you for giving him a home."

No, THANK YOU for allowing us the privilege of calling this boy SON.


Ellie said...

So sweet... love your last couple of lines, especially.

I remember that hot, sticky situation waiting on our board meeting. I cannot imagine having an injured knee and leg!! Our SW was there with us, and kept giving Jacob little mints to keep him obedient :) Evidently we should have thought to bring along some bribery candy! It's tough, to get a child who is completely new to the family with a language barrier to behave!! When we were there, they asked Jacob who he liked better, Mom or Dad. Our SW later told us this... and he answered that he liked Dad better, because he made him laugh. I couldn't believe they'd ask a child to pick a favorite!! For us, that meeting was not nearly as frightening as we had anticipated it might be.

Love hearing little tidbits of your experience!

Kam said...

Megan, I just devoured this post! So many sweet details to imagine. How are you feeling? So sorry you took a tumble over there! I appreciate you so much...your heart and your willingness to share. I told Kate yesterday that you were an angel and she agreed! She also said that we were "next"...whatever that means. I think that we are the next WACAP famiy that they anticipate traveling but who knows? Trying to be patient. I'd love to share our private blog with you if you'd like to see Joel. I need to send you an invite...but can't find your email address. You can click the contact tab at the bottom of our header on our blog to email me and then I'll reply with an invite if you'd like.
Thanks again for all you are doing to make this easier for us...all of us. You are indeed an angel.
Much love,