Sunday, May 3, 2009

To be a child

What an emotional ride it was from the airport to the hotel.

It was night time but we were able to see plenty from the lights on the highways. The large beautiful buildings next to the run-down shacks. Such a huge contrast. The elaborate golden decorations for the King.
Huge billboards advertising luxury items/places with hovels below.

We came up to a stop light and were immediately surrounded by kids and an adult selling flowers and cleaning windows. KIDS It was around 2am. These kids were no older than our oldest. No older than the son we were there to adopt. They were walking on a street with very fast moving cars, with taxis driving back and forth, with scooters zooming here and there. It took my everything not to look at them, not to open my window and hand them all my money. Papa knew it. At the time, we just looked at each other. Wide-eyed.

Papa finally said he hadn't been prepared for this. Can one ever be? I really wouldn't want to be. I wouldn't want this to be acceptable ever. I wouldn't want to be desensitized to such a travesty. A child's innocence and childhood evaporated...gone.

How blessed our children are. We let them know their job is to be a child. (Yes, they do have chores and responsibilities. You know what I mean! ;)) ) Their job is to learn the qualities and characteristics needed to be good and holy servants for God. To love, honor and serve Him. To love thy neighbor. To love and honor one's parents. To play and run in the outdoors, playing tag, swinging on swings, catching fireflys, playing baseball, eating watermelon, playing hopscotch, swimming.......

Just a reminder of God's blessings and to say thank you to Him, everyday!


Anonymous said...

Megan and Steve,
This is all so exciting. We are so happy for you. Can't wait to continue reading and seeing your adventure. God is with you.

Will said...

I agree, Bangkok is an amazing place. Beautiful high rises next to buildings that are near collapsing. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Can't wait to hear of your journey with your little guy!

Ellie said...

That last comment was actually not from Will, but from me! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for you to arrive home safely with your son. Those poor children who were up so late at night... my heart aches for them.

I hope all is well and God Bless