Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thailand travel Part 2

Well, as I mentioned the pilot had a few comments that left us all not too sure we would make it to our connecting flights. Due to the swine flu epidemic, we would need to remain in our seats while we were given a questionnaire to fill out. Let's remember the plane was huge!, even had a second floor for business class! Over 400 passengers! And many different languages being spoken, being questioned by the Japanese govt. And I must admit we did NOT expect this was what the individuals collecting the questionnaire's would look like!

If you lied about whether you had a sore threat or fever, it could be 6 months in jail.

It appears Japan takes possible epidemics seriously.

Thank goodness, we had a little over an hour between our flights. They claimed Japan would be holding all flights since all incoming flights were being questioned, however there was alot of last call boarding announcements. And alot of passengers running. It was a bit crazy!

I did stop in the bathroom, taking my camera with in case I got to see this. Alas, my tushie was not warmed! ;))

The next flight was fairly uneventful all things considered. Papa was comatos for basically the whole flight and I was able to sleep on and off, in between keeping Papa from using our row-mate as a pillow.

(Please excuse my spelling, it appears the Thais must be great spellers as the red squiggly lines don't show up here!)

So we landed and as we had a highly recommended gal meeting us to take us to our hotel, were feeling the end was near! Our high got even better when right at the end of the walkway from the plane a Thai gal was standing there holding a piece of paper with my name on it! No way, how awesome! Wait, no she wants to see my passport?... there are 3 of them to drive two of us to our hotel? 1 in the morning? HMMMM seems someone wrote the first number of my passport down wrong, making it a passport that had been lost. YIKES, I am surprised an armed guy wasn't standing there, but wait they did have those walkie talkies to call for back up......

Our night wasn't over! We couldn't find Miss Oh or her driver. We couldn't figure out the computers, phones or how to talk to anyone. I was very hot and tired by that point but we perserved and once we found out there had been a miscommunication, God directed us a good person. Within 15 minutes we were on our way to our hotel! Thank you, God for Your constant care and attention to all details for us. Many times through the trip we were mentally on our knees while we gave thanks for His provision.

Back tracking just a little, I would like to share with you my thoughts as we were flying over Thailand. It was such an incredible experience. Knowing those twinkling lights represented the country my son had been born in. He has history here. His biological family stretching back who knows how long. He has current history here. As in he has lived here for 8 years. Memories he would most likely remember. Time spent with us here he would hopefully remember and have pictures to prompt those memories. It was also very exciting to me to know we were THERE!! We had done it, we were about to land in Thailand. We were just days away from meeting our son! Days from becoming parents to 3 children. Days away from holding, touching this long awaited child. Those twinkling lights represented a new future...for our family, our son, our future generations. I just couldn't wait to see his land, his nationality, his birth country.

And I couldn't wait to see him!!

Here we are about 26 hours after leaving home in our son's birth country! Not too tired looking!!

Tomorrow you'll hear about us meeting him!! It was amazing and he is INCREDIBLE!

Hope you'll be back!

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Jen and Jeff said...

Wow, Megan, so glad you guys made it there! Enjoy every precious minute there! So happy to hear you have finally met your son!

Holly said...

wow those outfits would have scared me on the plane

Kam said...

Sooo fun reading this post and soaking it all in! I'm so happy for you! I can' t wait to see pics of your sweet son and have been scouring my dashboard for news from you! Have a blast!

Nichole and Craig said...

I am so glad you made it safe and sound. Have fun with your son and enjoy your trip