Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God's Reminder

This past Sunday* we headed off to Mass. Our son's first Mass.

We were late arriving and in typical Thai fashion, Mass had NOT started yet. Thank you, God! I so dislike walking in to church once Mass has started and knew we wouldn't be able to slip in unnoticed--2 white folk with a Thai child! LOL

I was on my knees, near tears as I was praying prior to the start. It is easy to feel attacked in a place filled with so much sin. I was begging God to be with me, keep us strong, remind me He was here with me. I needed Him. I knew I could find Him there. I NEEDED A REMINDER. I was desperate.

A sweet older man who had been greeting parishioners came down the aisle, scanning the crowd, right as the first song starts.

He turns looking, searching....

His searching goes past us, barely, then comes right back and stops.

He walks over and whispers something to Papa.

I know....instantly I know

Papa looks at me wide-eyed with a small knowing yet disbelieving smile on his face.

I only have to nod my head and mouth YES. No words are necessary. God had instantly answered my prayer.

We had been asked to bring the gifts up. We have NEVER been asked to bring the gifts up in our parish at home.

The Lord is righteous in all His ways and loving toward all He has made. The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all whom call on Him in truth. Psalm 145:17-18

We felt so honored. I felt it was such a blessing on our son, for his first Mass. We were recognized as a family--only 2 days in to the start of our adventure!

And God was reminding me that no matter where I go, what I see, He is always there, holding my hand, loving me. And even though I SHOULD never need to be reminded, He will always give me what I NEED.

Thank you God for being there for me and for blessing our family so!

*This post was started when in Thailand.


Tina said...


This is the church my family attended while living in Bangkok. It is so strange to see all of these pictures and remember our time we spent there. My daughters went to CCD classes before mass each sunday and the hubby and I would visit with the other Expats before mass. BEAUTIFUL church and only 1 of 2 in Bangkok during the late 90's.

Hope you guys are getting settled!

rosemary said...

I am not catholic and I do not know what it means to bring the gifts but I am happy to hear that you had such a moving experience. I think the Lord is always so generous with us when we are in need! I think its great that you guys found a nice church to attend while you were there.

Ellie said...

Sweet story, Megan. Are things continuing to go well for you? I sure remember the first few weeks of adjusting to a family of five! Praying for you!

Kam said...

Beautiful post, Megan. Being Baptist, I'm not familiar with many Catholic practices but I can see what this meant to you. What a blessing! Our God is a good God! Faithful even when we waiver and need reassurance! What a precious memory for you!