Thursday, May 28, 2009


Two revelations today--

Bug was able to share with me this morning he is struggling because he hasn't had any Sissy (AKA Peanut) time. Just Sissy time. I am very thankful he and I were able to figure it out, yet I am sad. I will admit I was concerned about the changes to Peanut and Bug's relationship. They have been inseparable for years. I didn't realize a brother and sister could be as close as they have been. I really loved how they cared for each other and were always together. Papa and I talked many times about how we thought it might be impacted by the adoption. Were we doing the right thing? we wondered. I know it is very early in the whole process, we are still just trying to figure so many things out. This is my outlet--my place to share my thoughts and feelings, even if they are a little scattered! I pray we are able to nurture and grow all 3 to have wonderful relationships with each other.

Gem really hit it on the head, I think, with Jet's reluctance to hold Peanut's hand! Thank you, Gem!!!!! As soon as I read your comment I remembered reading about not holding my hubby's hand or kissing him in public in Thailand. Then I read her link and more, coming to the conclusion it must be a factor. I will admit I am surprised it would be stressed to one so young, but I know they were often out performing in shows, etc...

I myself have been struggling the last few days...ok, probably the last week, feeling down. Not too sure why, my long awaited son is home! Not sure if it is the let down from the last 20 months or what. I don't feel like there should be a let down as I have my son here, I have my 3 kiddos together.

Two times today I have been FILLED with a wonderful burst of "blessings". I have no other word for it. I have walked away from an interaction with my 3 munchkins, feeling like my heart is literally being filled and the same 2 words pop into my head at that moment. GOD and BLESSED

Two times, same feeling, same words.

I am so thankful God is willing to use a God for Dummies approach with me!! I finally get it God, thanks! I AM so blessed. I think I will post-it-note it all over the house. :))

I pray you are all feeling blessed tonight!

Love, Megan


Ellie said...

I can relate to "feeling down" a bit after beginning to settle into a family with a new addition. I believe this is a normal occurance, whether by adoption or by birth. It's a big adjustment, and this too WILL get better!

Your children sound so sweet... you are blessed by God!! :)

Robin and Kyle said...

I think it's totally normal to feel down for awhile. That was our experience also. It's a huge change for your whole family. Take time to nurture yourselves.

Sarah said...

Hey Megan! I left an award for you on my blog. :)