Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's all in the eyes

I have been thinking about the adventure we are about to embark on for quite some time lately. (Nothing like an extra 2 weeks to contemplate it all!!) For our first 2 adoptions, our children were escorted to the US. This will be the first of many for me.

It will be my first time seeing the birth country of my child. It will be the first time I have ever been in a third world country. It will be the first time I have ever seen or been in an orphanage. It will be the first time I will be physically taking my child from his birth country.

You see, I love little ones, babies and children. I always imagined I would have a large family. I love adoption. I believe very strongly every child deserves a home. I cry easily at those commercials showing hungry children, children in need of surgery, children in need of someone to call Mom and Dad. It is in the eyes for me. There is no way for the eyes to hide that sadness, that need, that hunger....for love, affection, attention.

And I want to do something about that for them all.

Going to the orphanage and leaving with only 1 child is going to be difficult for me.

There is our sweet son's best friend. We have pictures and video of the 2 of them that is priceless! According to those that visited, they are best buddies. His family is desperately waiting STILL for their referral and he has known since last year as well that he has a family. These 2 little boys are family to each other and my heart hurts thinking about the separation. I pray we get to spend time with both of them to make lasting memories for the boys. I am so thankful we "know" his family and will be in contact.

Seeing all the children waiting for a family and wondering how many will not ever get one is heart-wrenching now. And I haven't even been there yet to see those eyes. It is hard to look at the statistics--@59 Thai children came home to the US in 2008, Munchkin #3 has over 320 in the Babies Home of his orphanage. (Age 0-5, he has been held there to wait for us!)

Yet, I know I want to witness it all. It is my son's home, has been for the past 8 years. I would love to spend many days playing at the orphanage with all the children. I could honestly spend the whole two weeks there!

I have also had this deep inner feeling the last few weeks. A need to spend more time with Jesus, talking, praying, reading. I have felt almost like nothing else matters but opening myself up to Him. I feel God is leading me on a path. A specific path. I want to be open to His will for this trip, these experiences. I have always wanted to be able to share my passion for adoption with others. To encourage others to seek out adoption as a way to grow their family, as a way to serve and love God, a way to love thy neighbor. I pray I am able to absorb it all, keep it close to my heart and use it in a way that will glorify God and help orphans.

4 days to departure!!


Kam said...

What a beautiful post! I can only imagine your excitement, Megan! I'm just dying for you to go! I'm praying for you and trusting Him to lead you and provide for you and be near to you. Hold fast, friend! Your time is almost here! :D

Mama Misty said...

Meg, I am so excited for you, as I am writing this I hope you are safely at your destination or at least on the way!! Praying for you and hubby both as you get your SON!! WOO HOO! So happy for you, thank you for sharing your heart with us :)

Ellie said...

Megan, SOO excited about your journey! It will be an amazing one! You will be forever changed. I am looking forward to hearing all about it!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a safe and wonderful journey. Gem :)