Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thailand adventure!

It happened, we got to Thailand! What an amazing adventure!!

We left Monday early afternoon. We had a measly little 57 minute flight first. Half way into that flight I was not too sure if I was going to be able to get on the next flight.

Yes, I have flown before. In fact we have done that same 57 minute flight many times. Every time we have ever flown anywhere. It is a must when you live in the middle of nowhere. (Something we do actually enjoy!)

I was letting panic take over. I am not afraid of flying at all. I don't get too disturbed by turbulence. But if I think too much about the fact that I am STUCK on that plane with nowhere to go.....well, I can start to panic. As in hyperventilate.
I had been heading that way in my thinking by Saturday, but on Sunday it disappeared. You see, at church on Sunday the homily given was written just for me. I know, you say there were alot of other parishioners there, but seriously, God gave him that homily for me. I hope no one was too hurt by that, but boy did it help me! ;)) Isn't it amazing when that happens! God can make you feel so special in a group of many, like He is speaking directly to you.

I will admit all that was gone by Monday afternoon. We were up in the air, the flight was fine, not even bumpy, and BAM, the feeling hit. Like a ton of bricks. I kept it to myself, for a little bit. Then I whispered to Papa....I don't think I am going to be able to get on the next plane.

Papa did a great job of working it out with me. He said something that I was able to quickly dispute. But then he really knew what to say...."I'll get you on that plane if I have to, it just won't be really pretty".

In a really sweet voice I promise!

By the time we landed we had such a short time to get to our next flight and needed to grab lunch, there was no time for panic.

We were off!

We shared hip space with a nice gal from Austin, TX, orginally from Kansas. We chatted a little, Papa and I watched 3 straight hours of Friends Season 1 episodes. It was great! We listened to Friends in one ear and a little girl seated in front of us singing in Japanese with the other!! She and her sister were adorable.

Reality really started to set in as we were boarding the plane when we, as caucasians, realized we were among the minority. It prompted us to have a conversation about the changes our sweet son would be under going very soon. It was the first time for us to be in a situation where we really had no idea what anybody was saying. What an eye opener!

12 hours is long. Not doubt about it, however it did go much better than I had anticipated. Things like this....

Pictures taken from in the airplane as we were flying over Canada! Aren't they just incredible!!

We had daylight the whole 12 hour flight! Unfortunately all we had over Alaska was clouds.

As we were preparing to land in Tokyo, the captain had a few interesting things to say that invloves this picture. See if you might know and I will be back tomorrow to tell you all about it!

Ok, so there was 2 pics of the snow capped mountains and my signature use to be there but I am on a borrowed computer that doesn't listen very well to me. ;)) And it is late here. And we get to meet our son in the morning...or really just a few hours from now because it is morning!!!! So surreal, I can't believe it!! Please pray i can go to sleep now!
Good night!


Kam said...

OMGosh! You are there! You are really there! I'm ecstatic for you! Surreal! Soak it in, friend! And hug him tight!
Love and hugs~

monica said...

yay!! it must be a bit surreal. enjoy your time!!

Kelly said...

YAY! More!MOre!More! I can't wait to hear more.

Ellie said...

Yay!!! You've left us all on pins and needles! As I type, you're beginning your day over there! I'm praying for you RIGHT NOW! What an amazing day this will be for you!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How exciting! Did you land in Tokyo? I lived there as a missionary for 6 years. I bet they were screening for swine flu on your plane, huh?! I can't wait to hear of all of your adventures. We just came back in January. In a way, it seems like yesterday. Please keep us up to date. Hope to meet you someday in South Dakota.