Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Gift

I recently go*gled the name of the orphanage where our son is living. A choice came up on Flic*r (which I knew had pictures) and a comment about it being where their son had spent his first 6 years.

Could it be? Was their son living there at the same time? As I was clicking on the link, I was trying to calculate how old my son had been the year they picked up their son. The second pic I looked at had about 8 toddlers in it. My brain was still trying to figure out my son's age that year. (OK, please remember I usually am on late at night!!) I finally did realize he would not have been that young, DUH........Then the next picture, I quickly scanned the "older" kids standing around. WHOA..........That's MY son!! A picture of him peeking out from behind a caretaker. I can't believe it, another picture of my sweet son at a one point in his life. Pictures of his first years will be so few, so this is such a TREASURE!

I have emailed the person and I hope maybe they have more!


Kam said...

What a gift! Not long now, friend!

Ellie said...

Yay! What a blessing that is... a glimpse into his life! Hopefully the orphanage will have some pics to pass along to you, too! :)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So exciting to be sure! How old is he now? We just came home in January with our 13 year old from Udon Thani, Thailand

Tammi said...

Wow, I love how God works!