Monday, June 1, 2009

Picture Post

This beautiful tree is located right outside the cottage where Jet lived. Isn't the orange color amazing?

This was taken from our cab. We couldn't believe how many people were on each tuk tuk!! We did take one ride on a tuk tuk. It is a must do for the experience!! Just one time though, imo.

This mini-temple was on the orphanage grounds near the front. I am assuming it was used to teach the children about Buddha and to give him honor.

The playroom in Jet's cottage was filled with more toys than I had anticipated. Many were educational type toys and quite a few books.

There was playground equipment set up in many different areas on the grounds of the orphanage.

A goofy picture of Papa at our hotel on our first day as we checked things out! (Pun intended!) We took it especially for Papa's Disn*y-loving parents!

Hope you all enjoyed! I realized the last post was fairly boring with NO pictures. So I thought this would be fun!


Anonymous said...

Megan- still enjoying your story & experiences!! I appreciate you sharing with us still waiting.
Blessings, Hollie waiting for Petch

Ellie said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pics, Megan!

Kam said...

Megan, you're such a nut! I just love you! And I'm thinking I'm may have to ride one of those...once!