Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going from 2 to 3

"So how is it going from 2-3 kids" my friend asked me last week.

I am sure we have all heard it both ways. No difference adding another after 2 or as parents we are outnumbered now!!

Now I realize we are a bit different because of the ages of Peanut and Bug plus Jet being an older child adoption. But here is my experience!

More laundry. I am not sure how one small 8 year old can produce that much more laundry, but it seems my piles of laundry have gotten bigger. (Now here is where I would insert a picture of a pile of laundry to spice up the post if I hadn't broken our new camera 2 days ago. :)) Toss in the bulky fleece pullovers he is STILL wearing everyday, sheets for an extra bed and towels, cloth napkins and placemats for a 5th person and you end up with a little bit of extra laundry!!

Having all 3 walking, yet no one young enough for the cart, does make for interesting times out by myself as far as hand holding. I was not smart (we don't use the word stupid in our house but it fits!) and took us all to the grocery store again for a quick trip. Jet still doesn't want to hold Peanut's hand. I figured it was a cultural thing, and therefore wasn't going to push it for now, until he held the neighbor girl's hand to run through the sprinkler. Gotta hold Peanut's hand, Buddy!! If he knew more English or I knew more Thai it really wouldn't be a problem going out with all three. I just can't communicate the need to stay close by, where I can see you or there is a car coming!!

We already struggled with one child talking at the same time as the other so that hasn't changed any except now there is 3 trying to talk all at once!

Peanut and Bug still sit on my lap and snuggle. It is definitely difficult to get all three on my lap. Jet does not like being smooshed whereas Peanut and Bug don't care if it means they are with Mama. It is taking some thinking on my part as I work to make myself an equal-opportunity Mama. ;)) Part of it is making sure each child's needs are being met separately instead of as one. It is probably better for everyone in the long run.

More groceries. We couldn't keep fresh fruit in the house before Jet came home!! Our grocery bill has increased, buying Thai ingredients here is expensive. Wal*mart doesn't carry much of it so our 1 big grocery chain can charge whatever they want. Jet gets very excited when we go down the asian food aisle in the grocery stores. He stands in front of the many different types of rice, saying "Mama, Mama" over and over again!! I must not be making rice enough!!

Now I hope you all know me well enough to realize I am by NO means complaining about a single thing on this list! I feel very blessed to have more laundry to do, come up with more ways to keep our grocery bill down, have more snuggle time......It helps me to keep my focus where it needs to be. On God, my husband and my children. Bringing a 3rd child into our fold has only increased my focus.

Papa and I talk alot about idleness and how it can create more opportunities for satan to tempt us. Living in this broken world there are already so many temptations being put before us the minute we walk out the door of our house. We have to be vigiliant in keeping our homes as free from the temptations as we possibly can. I love Proverbs 31 and specifically look to verses 26-27 as my goal to strive for everyday.

She opens her mouth with wisdom
and on her tongue is the law of kindness.
She watches over the ways of her household,
and does not eat the bread of idleness.

I am thankful that each morning, with God's mercy, I am able to start anew and hope to one day fulfill the next verse:

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her.

So.....more laundry, cooking, snuggling, teaching.....BRING IT ON!!!!!!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I have thought a lot about Proverbs 31, too, since becoming a mommy. My daughter has created loads of new laundry, too, especially being a teen girl. Since her cousins from SD came out here now she says she wants to go to SD. Where in SD do you live? E-mail me at and I'd love to keep in touch for whenever we do go back there for a visit. Do you have Skype? If so, the kids could "meet" via the computer and chat in Thai.

Ellie said...

I can totally relate with your post! Lots and lots of laundry for many years! What a joy these children are. It sounds like you're a wonderful mommy, and they will certainly rise and call you blessed! :)

Anonymous said...

My gosh, just saw your post...maybe this helps... When your son is in the supermarket asking for "ma-ma, ma-ma" in Thai he is asking for INSTANT NOODLES. The kind in a cup that your poor boiling water in and wait 2 minutes before eating. Mama is a well known brand (other popular brands are Yum-Yum and Wai-Wai).

My husband is Thai and eats them every couple of days! Really, really hope that helps!