Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Thailand Tips

Use Miss Oh!!!! She is a travel agent in Thailand and has an extensive understanding of the adoption world. She can provide transportation services if needed. (More cost effective to use cabs unless you have a big family, in my opinion.) She will take papers needing to be translated, drop them off, pick them up, check for errors and deliver them to you. We received way more than we paid for with Miss Oh! She brought sweets to our son the first day she met him. We were able to ask any questions we wanted like shopping and restaurant suggestions, sightseeing tips, writing names of destinations in Thai for us to use with the cab drivers. Most importantly, Miss Oh talked with our son explaining many things for us. She had conversations that produced many useful tidbits we never would have otherwise known. Like our son was really hoping to have a RED bike, he wanted to grow his hair longer like his Daddy's, (mind you Papa's hair isn't long but in comparison to the buzz look he was use to, it was) and was 3rd in his school class of 33 children.

Eat at Central Chidlom Department Store's FoodLoft! This place was awesome! Great choices for everyone, good food, inexpensive prices! We were so bummed we went there near the end of our trip because we would have gone back. They have one booth that was noodles! Our 8 year old was so excited about it and I would think it would be great for the 2 year old range also. His meal was very similiar to the food we saw him eat at the orphanage.

Buy this map NOW!! Nancy Chandler's map of Bangkok is so useful! I had heard about it and wanted to get one when we got to Thailand, which I did. However, it is so jam-packed with information you need to get it to plan before going. The map is truly amazing with it's details and information and the accompanying booklet is filled with useful info. Miss Oh even saw it and said it looked like it was THE map! So much detail it was even helpful to show our hotel valets to explain to the cab drivers where we wanted to go.

Thai Berlitz Kids 1000 Words book rocks! It can be found at this link to explain what can be found in the book. However I can't find a place on the web to buy it. I didn't search too long though. We bought it in Thailand at the AA Bookstore. Very useful words shown in english, Thai characters and Thai letters.

I would truly love to go back now!

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Kam said...

Again, you are precious! Thanks so much, Megan, for sharing with all of us newbies! We will go to Thailand with much more confidence since you have been generous to share these tidbits with us! You're the best!

ps I ordered the map a few days ago...can't wait till Mr. Amazon delivers it!