Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thailand Memories

We have had some growing pains today in our status as a family of five. Many members cried a few times. Too tired to blog about it. So I am going to share some fun memories from Thailand. Hope you enjoy!

These were a fruit Jet picked out at the Seafood Market. They were opened and served to us like this! We had no idea what they were. But we tried them and they are SO good! Even anti-fruit eating Papa liked them! YUM

Here is the little step I fell down. Not the 2 BIG steps, just the little one. And yes, I fell down it, all 2 inches of it!!
Jet liked taking pictures. It was an icebreaker for us the first day at the orphanage. He took pics of everything. Including Tom and Jerry in Thai! On the T.V.

Papa's dinner included this huge shrimp, eyes and all, laying right in the middle. In true tourist fashion he had me take a picture! Thankfully, it was not alive! That was a different restaurant!

My singer, songwriter, guitar playing husband did indeed hunt down a guitar store in Bangkok. And yes, it is true, he "abandoned" me and the child who did not like me...... go visit the store, chat with the store owner's son, drool over the guitars (whew, none were left handed!) and take pics of his outing!! In typical tourist fashion!

Another dorky touristy picture of Papa with the coolest. biggest, most disgusting tasting drink ever!

The heat even sends the dogs inside there!

And a final one taken at home. 3 is STILL my new favorite number! (New sandals for summer!)

Hope you all are having a good evening! I am off to give myself a pedicure while munching a cookie or two. Blessings~


Kelly said...

Praying for your growing pains to just plain go away. Kelly

Anonymous said...

I think the fruit is called a rambutan...
I was in Thailand with YWAM a few years ago, and LOVED eating those.


Ellie said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pics, Megan!!

Mama Misty said...

Hey!!! We should totally get together soon! Fridays anytime or afternoons on other days are best for us...we really need to email or call instead of message on these blogs!! TOO FUNNY!

And that fruity stuff reminds me of some cartoon character tho I don't know which one!!!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Ah, yes, I know those growing pains all too well. But, we don't have as many family members to express it. I'm sure that you've already seen progress in 8 weeks time. But, be patient and tell yourself that this is going to take time. After all, you are all grieving losses of how things used to be. We're at the 6 month mark and we can see lots of progress, but I think there will still be more to work through in the next 6 months. Our daughter is a very expressive teen and her favorite line when there are any bad feelings is, "Take me back!" I usually just ignore and she gives up. Try to not take anything to heart that your child may say or do in this stage. They will need to peel the past off one layer at a time, in their own timing. And, as they do, they will become more receptive to the present. Just keep reminding them of your love for them right now and Your heavenly Father's love. It's hard to believe, but they will be drinking it in. Hang-in-there, grieving is the hardest job you'll ever have to do.

Jen and Jeff said...

Hope all is going well and the growing pains are just a quick speed-bump on your path!

Yes, that fruit is called Rambutan or Ngaw. Quite yummy! There is a great page with the description of all Thai fruits at: