Monday, June 22, 2009

I love you's and Kisses

I had a different post planned for today. But then something happened that just had to be shared first!!

There are 2 things you need to remember to go with this story. We are an affectionate family and that has been an adjustment for Jet. And he has not always been very fond of me. (Putting it nicely!)

Peanut and Bug are huge huggers and kissers, with each other and with us parents. It has been a slightly uncomfortable thing for Jet. He has grimaced his way through some and I have had to encourage Peanut and Bug to give him some space at times. I have strongly believed seeing Peanut and Bug interact with each other and me has been really good for Jet.

At this point in time, Jet has hugged me, snuggled, allowed me to kiss him, bless him and has said I love you in return. I love you has been said as a repetitive thing, not necessarily understanding the meaning and emotion.

This morning I had the children gathered around me while I was slathering them in sunscreen. While waiting his turn, Bug was giving many kisses to my arm and cheek. Jet was getting the sunscreen applied so he had a good view of Bug's affection. I turned to Bug so my lips got his lips to surprise him once. Jet giggled. It was then Bug's turn for sunscreen.

Much to my amazement Jet started kissing my arm, kissed my cheek then moved his face in front of mine. Then he kissed me on the lips!! With only a little giggle following. WOW

Later in the day we were outside playing in the pool. Jet came up to, goggles and all, wrapped his arms around me, saying "I love you, Mama". Looking right at me.....through blue goggles....but looking right at me! This was completely on his own. Neither of his siblings had just been doing or saying that nor had I just said it!! WOW

Two times my breath was taken away and I had to fight for composure. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

This boy keeps stealing my heart a little more each day.


Sarah said...

Megan!! I am so thrilled to read this post tonight -- what an amazing answered prayer! Huge hugs coming your way!

monica said...

Yay!! What a great day! prayers answered indeed.

Jen and Jeff said...

OH, that is amazing!!! What a blessing!

rosemary said...

Happiness!! Congratulations on all that unconditional love starting to pay off!

Kelly said...

Sounds like he is starting to get the hang of a new culture.... Can't wait to see the email.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How exciting when you have those milestones. Our daughter is very affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses. She also went through a strange bonding ritual where she kept wanting to find our belly buttons and plant kisses on them. Look forward to skyping with you, although Penny said she's not sure she wants to speak any Thai.

Kam said...

Oh Megan! What a blessing! God is so good! I hang on every word you write. Wow. I'm beyond happy for you! It's true, God sets the lonely in families!...just as He snatched us up to be His children. Precious!

Anonymous said...

I probably need to just get kleenex before I read your posts- LOL!

Amazing progress!! Remember these times when things are tough,
Hollie, mom 2 Petch

Annie said...

I'm catching up on your blog and really am enjoying your attachment segments! The "I love you moment made my heart melt." You are doing a wonderful job, Mom! You are a blessing to read.