Monday, March 30, 2009

In case you didn't know......

...we get to go bring our son home!!!! :)))

I love our small town feeling bank! I was making a deposit today and the teller was one that has been an employee there a long time. While she was doing the transaction I was asking her about our debit card and ATM card being able to be used in Thailand. She was double-checking with another long time employee who came over to the window also. After answering the first gal says "Going to get another baby?!" Now I realize the question wasn't really PC to many people, however I know there was no negative to the way she asked. They were so excited for us, couldn't believe the ages of our first 2 and I loved every minute of it! They were both a part of notarizing the papers for our first 2 as well!! And remember it! I felt like I had a pregnant belly showing!!

My kids love the "regular" teller because she remembers to put the to*tsie rolls in the envelope!! LOL

More later, I haven't had my computer for 2 days so I have some catching up to do!!


Ellie said...

So sweet, that they know you that well! You're so close! I'm just thrilled for you!

Kam said...

Yippie! You are soooo close!
Hope you are having a blast getting ready! :D