Tuesday, March 17, 2009

24 hours

That is all it took for us to go from "your Article 5 has been issued" to "here are your travel date choices"!

It took till yesterday for us to talk with our agency and confirm travel but we leave 4 weeks from today!!!! Thank you, God!!!!!!

We will leave our midwest town on April 14th and return on the 28th--to be united as a family of 5. Yahooooo!

We will these next 4 weeks go fast....or slow?!?

More to come tomorrow~ Lots to share....great sites for hotels, airfare tips, God filled moments

Thank you for your prayers!


Ellie said...

Yay, Megan!! What WONDERFUL news! I think the next month will fly by for you! Busy days ahead! I may just have to live vicariously through you for a couple of months (hopefully not... hopefully we'll get our news)!

Keep us all posted!

Nichole and Craig said...

That is great news. Congratulations

Kelly said...

YAYYYY!!!! I'm so excited, and I have no idea how time will go by, but keep busy and it will fly.