Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happenings + Misc.

This post will be all over the place. Sorry!

First and foremost, thank you for your kind comments to my last post. They really mean alot. I look forward to going through this journey with you. Mine and yours. Ours.

Secondly, still no airfare! I don't know if we should be frantic or not. We have gotten info on NWA's adoption program and United's adoption program. The pickle is we are more interested in United's and it seems to be less expensive, however it is set to expire 3/31/09. And you have to have traveled by then, not just booked. Those "in the know" at United can't imagine it won't be done again this next year, yet it isn't "loaded" in the system at this time. Call back in a few days. OK, but next Tuesday is March 31st......and we leave in 2 weeks and five days. (Not that I am counting down or anything :)) Any ideas anyone please let me know! You know, like OH MY GOODNESS WHAT ARE YOU THINKING.......GET YOUR TICKETS NOW...... or any other advice. LOL

And while we are on the topic of flying. I was looking up some info tonite and started to have a total panic about being "stuck" on that plane for that many hours. YIKES do I need to be THAT out of my mind!! ( I truly need those emoticons faces for my blog--mine would have BIG wide eyes for this one, followed by the green throwing up guy--anyone know where I can get them?!) I did know ahead of time how long it would be, it just hasn't been real for so long. I think I just put it "out there" somewhere and now it is here!! Boy, do I sound like a looney or what?! LOL

Thirdly, we got a FANTASTIC deal for our hotel. I went through One thing I loved about this site was you were able to choose a landmark and max. distance from said landmark for your hotel location. We had decided, if at all possible, to be close to the American Embassy so we could walk there. The Centre Point Saladaeng fit our requirements and then some! We ended up getting 13 nights for just under $700. Woohoo!!

Now, if anyone knows this hotel and it isn't FANTASTIC, please let me know! Then I will look for another great deal!! :)) On

Lastly, my Peanut's Fundraiser will be extended. Check for that tomorrow. I didn't get to advertise quite like I wanted with our travel news and 5% of $70 doesn't go far for a giveaway! ;)) I will also have a ton of stuff listed for sale.

So I will leave you with a LOUD and PROUD-"I'M GETTING MY SON" and I look forward to seeing that on each of your blogs one day, too!!

We are one day closer, little man. And this Mama can't wait.


Ellie said...

Yes, it's a LONG time on a plane!! On the way back, Eric and I each slept about a total of 30 minutes! Then, in Chicago, we missed our connecting flight to Indy because they had scheduled it too close with having to go through customs (we could have made it, but they told us that 20 minutes was not long enough to make it to our gate, and would not let us try :( ) So, we DROVE from Chicago to Indy on 30 minutes of sleep in the past 30 hours. I have never felt so exhausted in my life! If I ever needed a toothpick to keep my eyes open, it was at that time! But we made it, and you will, too! It will all be worth it!! Eric had said he'd NEVER make that flight again! And guess what, he IS!!!

For your tickets, have you checked out Korean Air or Thai Airway? They usually have pretty good rates, and I've heard very good things about them. They fly out of LA, I believe, so it would likely require a flight to LA, too. Eric and I are considering doing this because the rates are significantly less than others. I'm anxious to see what you find to be the best option!!

Two weeks and five days!!??!! You're practically there!!! So excited for you!

Jen and Jeff said...

It's so great to hear your excitement jumping off the page! What a wonderful (if crazy) time! I have done that flight several times and it's not so bad. Bring a great book or two, watch some great movies, drink lots of water, and bring earplugs and a great travel pillow so you can sleep. Then again, who can sleep when you are that excited, right? anyway, you will be just fine. We are so looking forward to following your journey there and back with the little man!

Jen and Jeff said...

I flew Thai airways before and they are GREAT. Highly recommend!

Mama Misty said...

So excited for you Meg! Pick up some great Karen Kingsbury novels and you'll be set!!

Kam said...

Hi Megan! I can't tell you how excited I am to see you go and to read about you booking tickets! Girlfriend, you are almost there! WooHoo!

I've never flown to Thailand but flying to Africa was similar I'll make it! And flying back from Italy a year and a half ago ended up being a 32 hour tired. But totally doable! I'm more concerned about Joel than I am us. But it seems that there are flights for us out of Atlanta straight to Japan or Korea that are only like 14 hrs then the last leg is 5 or 6. So...not a 21 hr stretch like Africa was. Take some medicine! :D

So, so excited for you! And praying for all of the details to fall right into place!

Wyndee said...

Hi! We adopted our daughter from Thailand in 2004, and we stayed at the Centre Pointe Wireless Road location. It's an awesome place, so I'm sure your hotel will be just as nice.