Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday 3/12

Last Thursday morning I woke up at 6:15am which is very unusual for me. I got up, walked the dog and for some reason felt the need to go downstairs and check my emails. All very unusual. Now most mornings for the past umpteen weeks, I usually have rushed down to check my email for a response from Thailand. But that thought didn't even enter my mind and thankfully I was sleepy enough to ignore rational thinking. Well, low and behold, the Holy Spirit did indeed have a reason for prompting me as there was an email from the Bangkok Visa Unit. Our Article 5 had been sent on!!

I climbed back in bed, woke Papa up and told him!!

I forwarded the info to our agency and later talked with them. By that night, our contact emailed around 9pm saying she had emailed the Thailand SW letting her know we were ready to travel. About 2 hours later, I received another email saying which date works for you!!!!!*

We intended to take the first date, however over the weekend it came to my attention there was a long holiday during that time. We can't afford to be gone for extra time if the paperwork has delays and there offices are closed. We were disappointed for a little while, and then agreed we at least have a date and KNOW we are going!!!!!!

Here we come little man!!

*As a side note for anyone who may read this and question some steps--we have been approved by the governing board in Thailand since Oct.'08. It has been our country holding things up. So it is not like you can just email the SW and say, OK, I am ready to travel!! There is a process and we have gone through it, just a few extra steps for us and some things a little backwards.

I didn't want to lead anyone astray!!

So many emotions are moving through me. I hope to be able to put them down, share them, remember them.

I do know I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to grow our family. I thank God for the many people He has put in my life to share this journey. I thank God for allowing me to experience this journey, for the challenges and the rewards. I hope and pray I am able to honor Him by sharing our story, encouraging others in their struggles to be parents, to following God's call to care for His children.


Holly said...

thats great you have a date now. i know you are so excited!

Ellie said...

When are you going?? BIG Congratulations!!!