Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tears of sadness

Over lunch today we were talking about Easter. I mentioned how I hoped Munchkin #3 would be home in time to celebrate with us. Peanut instantly became upset and starting crying saying "I just can't take it any more, I want him home". Over and over again.

Mama really should have thought before opening her mouth. Chances of us being gone for Easter are greater than him being home by then.

Bug figured that one out rather quickly himself when he responded--"Mama and Papa need to go SOON for him to be home for Easter".

This prompted fresh tears from Peanut. It breaks a Mama's heart when she can't understand herself why he isn't home yet.

It was SO much easier when they didn't have a real understanding of time/days.

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Ellie said...

So sweet, their tender hearts for their sibling! The good thing is that they will always remember their yearning for their sib to come home. They will grow through the process, just as you have/will. What an experience this is for the whole family! Hang in there!!